Now there’s a balloon in my uterus.

I know you all are just dying to know about that measly old troll from my uterus. Well, I had surgery a few days ago and this is what we found:

Troll- Dora

Oh no, wait. That’s the grumpy old troll from Dora. That chick is flippin every where in this house.

I’m not going to show you the real pictures of my uterine troll because that would be weird. And gross. And really weird. Instead I’ll just tell you what they saw.

*If you all have been following my story, you know that I went in for a diagnostic/operative hysteroscopy. Basically they dilated me and shoved a camera up there to see all that there was to see in the holy land.  If they found something they had to removed or needed to repair, they were going to do so. Check out the link above to read how we got here so far, and about my journey through recurrent pregnancy loss*

So after a comfortable 4 hour wait where I couldn’t eat or drink anything (and hadn’t since midnight before, and J didn’t eat in front of me because he’s awesome like that/I would have probably jumped him) we finally went back for surgery. But then we waited another hour or two until I *actually* went back to surgery. In between that time the rookie anesthesiologist just about made me faint from trying to insert my IV. Great start.

Finally they give me my cocktail for a med induced nap, and I’m out before I really recognize that I’m in the OR. About 45 minutes later (or so they say) I was in recovery. Easy-peasy.

Well, not so much. I really, truly thought that this surgery would be like my D&C. They’d go in there, grab what they needed to, be out and I would have virtually no pain. Not-uh, not this time. I woke up feeling like I was in LABOR. I had such bad cramps and the meds they were sticking in my IV were not working. On top of that, my doctor couldn’t get upstairs to talk to me because the Prez himself decided he needed a doctor’s appointment or something because the whole place when on lockdown.

Finally the meds kick in and I’m transferred to discharge. Its another hour or so before the doctor comes up to speak with me about what they found and what they did in there.

J had told me when I was in recovery that the doctor called and said what they had seen in the ultrasound a couple weeks prior was scar tissue. We are assuming its from m D&C because I’ve never had any other surgery that far north. The doctor explained that  they had snipped the tissue and inserted a balloon in there to keep the tissue from reforming where it was before. I go back in a week to have the balloon removed. In the meantime I am on ibuprofen for the pain, as well as Estradiol for the next 30 days to help the healing process.  Eventually I will start taking progesterone and then Provera to help jumpstart my first cycle after surgery. J and I were instructed to wait one full cycle before we start trying again.

I am conflicted in my feelings about the outcome of this surgery. Of course our biggest worry when the doctor said he found an “unidentifiable mass” was  cancer. So its pretty good that its not that. But I also kind of wanted to it be *something* that was maybe causing the miscarriages. As J put it, we wanted a scaepgoat for why all this was happening. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Since the scar tissue probably came from my D&C, it obviously cannot be the reason for the three previous miscarriages. ALL of my labs, and J’s chromosomes, came back normal (except for my MTHFR which they said really isn’t a reason for concern since I only have one mutated copy). So right now, we are deemed as having “unexplained secondary infertility.” At this point we are told to “keep trying.” We have a 50/50 chance of having a successful next pregnancy until miscarriage #6. At that time, the odds go down but I’m not sure how far. I didn’t want to ask.

I feel like we are kind of back to square one. I feel like the surgery wasn’t totally necessary but I’m glad we are taking the steps we need to to make things go smoothly the next time, whenever that may be. As always, the waiting game is the hardest. Its hard to wait until I’m off these meds. Its hard to wait one FULL cycle to start trying. It all sucks, especially when E was so easy.

At least I’m documenting all the work we are doing to give E a sibling so that when/if he/she arrives, they can automatically feel guilty about taking so long.

I kid. Kind of.

PS- Thanks to my awesome parents to helping us with E these past couple days . Recovery would have sucked with out you! And of course, thanks to my amaaaaazing husband for being my biggest shoulder to lean on through all of this. From the days when I’ve been crazy with worry to the nights I have cried myself to sleep, you have been there with chocolate and hugs on hand. I love you!

My “Run for a Warrior” Pledge

As some of you may now, my miscarriages in the past year have prompted me to do things I have been wanting to do but have put off because of “potential” pregnancy. One of those things is running.

I have never liked running. Like, ever. But after E was born I found this great group of milspouses/women who all ran together twice a week with babies/toddlers/kids in tow- Stroller Warriors. I ran on and off with them for over a year until we PCS’d. Unfortunately, the SW here at our new duty station is flippin far away so I haven’t joined them.

Stroller Warriors

After our first miscarriage, I had this burst of “I MUST DO ALL THINGS” so J and I decided to sign up for the Warrior Dash. Then I found out I was pregnant so we didn’t. Then I miscarried a few days after I ran the furthest I ever ran before, and I decided I wasn’t going to run again until our second child was born. We PCS’d across the country and then we found out we were pregnant again. I didn’t run, I barely worked out at all, and I still miscarried at 8 weeks.


So then I said “F*** it” and decided it was stupid for me to put off my health and my fitness for much longer. Again, I got the burst of “I MUST DO ALL THINGS.” J and I signed up for the Marine Corps Marathon 10k and I began running again. Slowly but surely, like the tortoise.


It started off with me struggling to get to 3 miles. Once I got there, I struggled to get to 3 miles under 30 minutes. Then I pushed it to 4 miles, which I hadn’t done since SW. Then I made it to 5. Then 6. As I type this I can officially say I have done my first 6.2 miles- in the MCM 10k.


The race bug has bit me.  I loved it. Every second of it, even the parts where it was so cold I thought my fingers would fall off. Even the parts where I wanted to throw up. Even the parts where I was cursing J in my mind because he told me, “You don’t need your iPod, we can just talk while we run.”

I was recently approached by a friend with whom I ran with at SW on the west side (said “west siiiiiddeeee.” Duh). She asked me and a bunch of other runners if we would be interested in pledging a race or two to run in order to raise money for an organization called Save a Warrior.

Save a Warrior

Save a Warrior is an organization that provides a wellness retreat for veterans who have come back from war with combat-related post-traumatic stress. My friend and her husband attended a retreat after he came back from serving overseas, and they were struck by the organization’s work with Warriors.

I have pledged to run the Marine Corps Marathon Heritage Half (that’s 13 f***ing miles, people) in May of 2014 to support Save a Warrior. I am hoping to run other, smaller races before that too but right now that is my BIG pledge.  If I am pregnant and cannot run, my darling husband will run it in my stead. My goal is to raise my portion of the $10,000 donation we are looking to raise, which is $665.  If you would like to donate to our race pledge, please click the image below. It will take you to a site where you can donate directly to the cause.

Run for a Warrior

Whether you donate or not, please share this blog post or the Run for a Warrior Facebook page to spread the word about our race pledge and this wonderful organization. With your help, we can send 10 Warriors to Save a Warrior’s week long retreat!

Thanks, ya’ll. You rock my world.

I have a troll in my uterus.

If you follow me on Facebook, you would already know that I had this awesome procedure done on Monday. It involved this wonderful instrument:

Photo: Just walked into my doctors office for my saline sonogram to see if there are any blockages in my uterus. Like little uterus trolls or something. I will have a post up this week to tell you all the joys. This should be awesome...
#infertility, #sis, #salinesono, #wheredoyouthinkyoureputtingthatSweet.

It was called a saline sonogram or SIS. Basically, what they do is stick that giant thing in me along with a catheter filled with water to fill up my uterus to see if there are any blockages (aka trolls) in my uterus preventing me from keeping my pregnancies.

The process itself wasn’t all that painful. When the doc inserted the catheter there was a little pinch, and then I could feel the water going into my belly so that was uncomfortable. And then there was all that probing. Ugh. But all in all, I wasn’t n so much pain that I wanted to kick the doctor in the face like the *few* times I got a brazilian wax. I’d take this over a brazilian any day.

The process took about 35 minutes but I couldn’t see the screen so I had no idea what was going on. Not that I would know anyways. And then they sent me in another room because “they had to confer with another doctor.” Because that’s what you want to hear when you’re at the doctor’s office and they took a million pictures of your insides.

The doctor finally comes in and says my uterus is a “good shape” and my ovaries are a “good size.” Cool. So what was the conference about? Well, apparently I have an unidentified structure/mass in my uterus and they aren’t sure what it is. Doc said that it should have prevented me from getting pregnant at ALL so he’s surprised I had the miscarriages in the first place. But now I have to go in for surgery in a couple weeks for them to remove it and biopsy it.

You know, because it might be cancer.

If you’re anything like my parents, you probably think I’m freaking the f out. But I’m not. I walked out of there surprisingly calm. On the one hand, I’m happy they found *something* that may have caused the miscarriages. And maybe if they take this troll out, I will have safe and successful pregnancies here on out. And there is no reason for me to freak about it being cancer for the next couple weeks, because that won’t help at all. I won’t know until they get the biopsy results back.

So we will do the surgery, called a hysteroscopy, where they will go in through my who-ha with a camera and check this ugly thing out and then remove it. Its outpatient surgery but I’m still using it as a good excuse for Starbucks and not to cook that night.

I will be keeping you posted as the surgery happens and what they find out. Hopefully this is our answer!

Oh, and J and I are running our first race together on Sunday- The Marine Corps Marathon 10k. Check out my Facebook page for some updates on the race and how J had to push me in a stroller on miles 4 through 6 (probably).


Bridal Showers: Brides, Booze, and Gifts OH MY!

Now I’ve been to a few showers in my day- bridal, baby, co-ed. I used to just look at the registry, find the cheapest gift that didn’t look cheap and go with that. But as time went on the showers became to be about people I cared about and loved so I started making gifts that were a little more personalized.

Disclaimer: This is going to sound super snooty.

My bridal shower and baby shower were not big parties. I had maybe 15 people at each of them and for the most part they were my mom’s friends from work (who I had known a long time because I went to elementary school and middle school there). I just don’t have a lot of friends from high school and college anymore, and all my current milspouse friends were on the west coast while my showers were on the east coast. But I didn’t care about that. It was just nice to have some sort of celebration and my mom and sister-in-laws did a great job setting up both showers.

One thing that did annoy me though was when people didn’t buy off my registry. I mean, hours are invested into these things and I was frustrated when I had a bunch of stuff I already had or didn’t need. I understand that people find stuff they think is cute or perfect for the occasion because I buy that stuff too. But dudes, I don’t need 27 aprons and 4 tea kettles.

I told you. Snooty.

So I vowed to always buy at least one thing off the registry, even if the rest of my gift was stuff that *I* thought was awesome. I’ve gone to two bridal showers in the past few months and I had a great time not only shopping for these girls who are family (one like family, the other actually family!), but also putting together a creative gift that I thought they would love and that came from my heart.

The first shower was for a friend of mine from high school. Although we don’t talk all that often anymore, every time we see each other it’s like we picked up from where we left off. We spent virtually every weekend with each other in high school along with cheering together from 5th grade through 12th grade. Like me, she had to travel to her bridal shower so I knew I couldn’t get her something that she would have trouble packing. I bought her a giftcard to a homestore that she suggested on her website, and then I made her this basket:


Ok so it doesn’t look like a basket from the photo but she was traveling so I couldn’t do some huge ellaborate thing that she could never pack. But inside the basket was filled with all sorts of candies and different objects related to the home. As she went through the basket she read this poem with each highlighted word corresponding with an object in the basket (I put the objects I put in the basket in parenthesis below):


Here are the words to the poem:

Marriage is a Basket Full of Surprises

Sometimes marriage can be difficult…

Some days you might feel like you want to whoop him. (Whoopers candy)

Other days you might feel like you don’t measure up. (tape measure)

There will be days when you feel like you need someone to throw you a lifesaver or two. (Lifesaver candy)

But, when those days happen just dust yourself off. (mini feather duster)

Because there are plenty of good times to be had. (Good and Plenty candy)

And let’s face it- when a couple of nerds get together, there are bound to be a few little runts running around eventually! (Nerds and Runts candy)


She loved it! It was so fun to watch her open it and know it was something a little special and a little different than the traditional registry gift.

The second shower was for my cousin. Again, we don’t talk all that often but she has come to every single one of our family’s special events- graduations, weddings, showers, etc. She was also traveling for her shower so again, nothing could be too big to pack. My mom and I went in on this one together, so we got her a few things off her registry and sent them to her house. We also made this basket. The theme was “perfect pairs.”


We put things in there like a mini spatula and frying pan, a candle and a flame, paper and pens, and other things that “go together.” My mom also added an apron with an FBI badge and a picture of her,  her brother, and my brother’s playing FBI agents when they were younger. She also added an order pad because since my cousin was the girl so she had to be the FBI waitress…awful, right?! Anyways, I loved that something personal like the picture was added into the basket.  I wasn’t able to watch her open the gift though, and if you follow me on Facebook you know why-  because the shower was FOUR FLUCKING hours long and I had E, so we were sitting in the car with her sleeping since she was a hot mess of exhaustion.

I love going to showers for all the obvious reasons- free food and alcoholic beverages.

I kid.

No, but seriously. Food and drinks. And dessert.

Even without the food, drinks, and dessert I love going to showers and hosting them. Hopefully in the next couple months I will be able to host a fun baby shower. I’m sure I’ll have some pictures and tidbits when that time comes too, but probably on my new site. So stick around and maybe we have some more fun in this place.

Military One Click: Tricks without the Treats- Clean Options for Halloween Candy

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that I am now officially a guest blogger for Military One Click, a one-stop shop of military resources from deployment tips to career transfer advice. It is an amazing site for all things military-related from job opportunities to current events. I’m so excited to be a part of their guest blogging team in addition to my work with Homefront United Network.
Click here to check out my article with Military One Click this month. You find some “clean” options for trick-or-treaters that come to your door this year, so you aren’t passing out the latest version of Red Dye #72 to your neighbors. Like our kids need more help getting hyper.


I hope you enjoy the article, and be sure to check out Military One Click and Homefront United on Facebook!

Oh, and me too- Barefoot and Boots Facebook page


I’ve been Boo’d

Not the kind of boo that Miley Cyrus would receive at a Republican National Committee meeting. More like a ghost-type boo.

The other night J and I were enjoying our nightly tv of New Girl, Modern Family, and Bones when all of a sudden our doorbell rang. You bet your ass I was as pissed as a witch in the rain. Who the fluck was ringing our doorbell at 9pm during the week? Our 2 year-old jet lagged daughter had just fallen asleep. J and I ran to that door faster than if our house was on fire. I was about to lay someone OUT.

But all that was at the door was this bucket:

And then I felt like an a-hole for being mad in the first place.

We were so confused by what this was. I didn’t get it. There was a bucket with candy and some other stuff, but I didn’t know why we were given it or what we were supposed to do with it. After reading the enclosed paper (I’m seriously like a guy when it comes to directions…I never read them and if I do, I never read them through first) I figured out that it was a chain game in the neighborhood.

If you’ve never heard of this game, its called “You’ve been Boo’d.” Basically what happens is that someone in your neighborhood decides to make a Boo basket filled with treats. They drop it off at your house at night (ding and ditch style), and then you are instructed to make two baskets and drop them off at other neighbor’s houses. You are given a little sign that says “I’ve been boo’d” on your door so others know you already got a basket.

I thought this was a great idea. It seems so cute and a great way to get our little neighborhood of under 30 houses to come together as a community, especially with all the HOA crap we’ve been dealing with/fighting about for the past couple of months.

You are supposed to get the basket done in one day but since we live 20-30 minutes from the closest store, I decided to go with what I had. Here is what I included in our boo basket:

If I had more time I would have added more homemade stuff and maybe some seasonal beer. But they put me in a crunch with the time limit. Suckers.

I thought this was a fun game, and I can see it being used for other holidays too or in the workplace. Have you ever done a Boo basket before? What did you include?

I’m working hard on my new blog so hopefully that will be up with the new year. I know, it seems far away but its really not. This next weekend we have a beer festival, a bridal shower, and our first race. Then we have a Halloween party and the Ball. I’m busy people, SO LAY OFF.

Kidding. Please stay with me.

Today I’m like those drama faces

You know, these guys:

DramaQuite a few things mark this day today. One really awesome thing and a few not so awesome things. Let’s start with the not so awesome things, since I’m a glass half empty kind of girl anyways.

October 15th is National Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss Day. If you had asked me a year ago if I thought I’d be a part of this day, I would have laughed at you. Because the thought of us having one miscarriage was unfathomable after having E. Then we had two. Then three. Now I’m grouped together with the women who have experienced the same or worse things than I have. What a bummer.


If my first miscarriage pregnancy had been successful, my little one would be 6 weeks old.  It is also two days shy of my estimated due date with my second miscarriage. I would be about 20 weeks along with my third miscarriage pregnancy, and we would be getting ready to know if we were having a boy or a girl.

But none of those things are happening. Instead I will be driving the million miles to the nearest military hospital to get some more bloodwork done to see what’s going on with my broken uterus. It sucks, majorly, but this day is about so much more than that.  Instead I have called off the Amber Alert on my period because- NEWS FLASH- she arrived. It surprised me while we were on a family trip, because Aunt Flo is awesome like that. Thank God my smart mother told me to take tampons “just in case” the change of air pressure from flying swept everything out. So if your period is missing, just take a long plane ride to make her show her ugly face.

Patent pending.

BUT this day isn’t even about that. It’s about my TWO YEAR OLD DAUGHTER.


That’s right, she’s TWO today. Two going on twenty from her vocabulary and her attitude lately, but that is for another post.

If two years ago you asked me what October 15th would mean to me today, it wouldn’t be this. Not because of the miscarriages, even though those were unexpected. But rather it would be because of my daughter. I would never in a million years be able to dream up a little girl as wonderful as E. She’s smart, sweet, kind to her friends, lover of all things babies, and just…amazing. Its hard to describe how much I love her and what she means to me, but I guess that’s how it is for all parents. The words are never enough.


I will never forget the day she was born, namely because she peed on me right away (gee, you’re welcome for pushing you out of my VAGINA). She was so tiny, so perfect.

Newborn Evelyn

E has grown up so much over the past two years and I can’t wait to see what her lifetime brings to her. I love you so much, E. Happy birthday sweet girl!

I never thought I’d say this: I miss the commissary

Today was my first day grocery shopping some place other than the commissary. For the past FOUR YEARS I have made a list, searched online for coupons, and planned out my meals according to what was sold/not sold at the commissary. But with the commissaries closed right now, I had to find another place to shop.


J loves Wal-Mart. I’m not kidding you when I say it is by far his favorite store. I, on the other hand, hate it. And love it. Basically I have a high school relationship with this store.

Obviously I love the pricing. Besides the Dollar Store, which I also frequent, it has the best prices on things out side of groceries. They are cheaper than Target *gasp* and they usually have a McDonald’s inside. Winning.

Obviously I hate it because its always crowded, its gigantic, and they don’t have a million cute things to look at like Target. And no Starbucks. Losing.

But, with the commissaries being closed it was my only choice for grocery shopping. I could have gone to a “regular” grocery store but no matter how many coupons I clip I always spend way too much there. It just wasn’t an option for us. I’m cheap, remember?

I knew I had to brace myself.  I stopped at Starbucks (not inside a Target because then I’d be sucked into the web of I NEED ALL THINGS and never leave) and got a nice iced beverage to hold me over. Snacks for the kid were full of sugar and deliciousness. I was armed with my list, coupons, and general attitude of “this is going to blow.”

Guess what?  I was right.


It was so stressful. I didn’t know where anything was, everything was so much more expensive, and I was shaking (mostly because of the coffee, but let’s just say it was stress). I ended up walking out of there with $120 less in my *husband’s* pocket. AND THAT WAS ONLY FOR 4 MEALS. For comparison, I usually spend about $80-$90/week at the commissary so I literally felt like someone stabbed me with a shiv made out of a credit card.

I’ll be honest with you here- a few days ago I was thinking, “Eh, no big deal.” For the past 4 years I have been married to my husband, I’ve thought it was kind of silly that state-side military had “special” grocery stores. I thought that with budget cuts, that should be one of the first things to go. Yes, I shopped there every week but mostly because I’m cheap and I’ll shop anywhere if it will save me a few dolla dolla bills ya’ll.

I guess at the end of the day I still don’t think commissaries are totally necessary. I think we’d all survive shopping at Wal-Mart or other grocery stores. But I do understand for those young couples how beneficial they can be, and now I can see with new perspective how drastic the difference in cost can be if you had to shop out in town.

But I miss it. I miss you, commissary. I miss you so damn much.


I’m disappointed in my fellow milspouses.

As I lay in bed this morning, trying to motivate myself to get up and do *something* I did what every great American does- check Facebook. I scroll down and I come across a post in some random milspouse Facebook page that I joined to advertise my preschool, and I see this post:



I wish I could have screenshot the whole post but at 187 comments a mere 5 hours after I originally saw it, it was just too much. I know its small, but this is basically the jist of it:

  • Original poster (OP) posts this pic of a girl dressed very…originally and says, “I found this on a dependa bashing page blah blah blah the rest isnt’ important.”
  • People follow in with their comments saying things such as, “Maybe she’s homeless and that stroller is her belongings because there can’t be a child in that stroller since she’s not paying attention to it,” and “That outfit is *enter awful/mean adjective here*” and basically “How can she even think to go out of the house like that and represent her husband in that way.”

And those were just the first 10 or 15 comments. They continued this way until someone (achem, me) finally came to this girl’s defense. More and more people followed that, and for a few hours some of the women went back and forth calling each other bitches and basically bringing out the claws on one another.

I was appalled by some of things these fellow milspouses were saying about this girl (and to each other). Maybe her outfit isn’t what most people would wear. So what? What does that have to do with you? Absolutely f-ing nothing.

Some of the meanmils (mean milspouses) were trying to tell us nice ones that we shouldn’t say anything because “its not like [we’ve] never judged anyone by what they were wearing.” Ok, fair enough. But most of us are normal people and do it behind closed doors and whisper about it to our girlfriends. We giggle it off and let it freaking be. We don’t take pictures and blast it all over SEVERAL Facebook pages for others to point and laugh. That’s bullying. 20-something women who have gone through some really hard shit are BULLYING each other. It’s flipping ridiculous.

When one of the nicemils (nice milspouses) called the meanmils out to be bullies, they flipped out. They said they were bullies because they weren’t being forceful and intimidating this poor girl. That if she decided to walk out of the house like that, she should be ready for the backlash. That if she was so offended by what people were saying, she should come out and say something or dress differently.

WT actual F. Really? Ever heard of cyber-bullying? Its what caused this LITTLE GIRL to commit suicide, and countless others. And yea, like any sane person is going to walk into a stream of flowing word bullets about themselves, especially on Facebook.

Honestly, I just don’t get it. What do these women gain from acting like pieces of crap to one another? One responder said they were just trying to make themselves feel better by belittling this girl. Maybe that’s true. But yesterday I sat there racking my brain about why someone would sit there and bash another person over and over again. Don’t they realize how they are making that person feel? Have they never heard any stories about people hurting themselves, or others, after being constantly berated? Go ahead and Google cyberbullying and suicide rates. Or Facebook bully deaths.

J brought up a couple good points about this photo. One being that if this was a group of teenagers posting this stuff about a fellow classmate, it would be on Fox News faster than an exclusive interview with George Bush. More importantly, however, people made so many assumptions about this girl without really thinking about the effect of what they were saying. Take out the fact that she’s dressed differently. Maybe she’s texting her husband to let them know where they are located so he can meet them. Maybe her child is asleep in the stroller and she does what every American does when they are bored- grab their phone. Maybe she’s going through postpartum depression and she is doing the best she can, but all these comments about her on Facebook have really set her back. Maybe her husband is deployed and she’s emailing him about something funny her kids did that day.

Be Kind

The point is that you don’t know what another person is dealing with. And Christ, even if you do, why would you attack their clothing choice? She’s not naked, and she doesn’t look “inappropriate.” Basically, all I want to say to all those meanmils is mind your own f-ing business, and do something better with your lives than be a cyber-bully. You aren’t in high school anymore. You are a married woman. You might have kids. You might have a job outside the home. YOU ARE A REPRESENTATION OF YOUR HUSBAND AND HIS MILITARY BRANCH OF SERVICE. Act like a lady, not a douchebag.


I’m moving.

No, Mom, we didn’t get orders. Stop freaking out on me man.

I’m just moving this blog over to a new blog that I’m in the middle of developing. Its going to be like this but with more…stuff. I’m planning on calling it Mommy Needs a Shot. Catchy, right?

This new blog of mine will have all this awesome stuff like home DIY projects, recipes, baby crap, toddler screams, and preschool chaos. All with a little bit of funny and a hint of military life.

So, basically this is my way of saying I may not be around for awhile. But you should follow me on Facebook because I will be continuing to link other milbloggers as well as share some news from some of my favorite sites. Once my new blog/site is up and running I will jump over here, pack you all up in a box, and drop you like its hot on my new page.

I will be adding some ad space on the new site as well. I’m cheap like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman so contact me if you’re interested.

I’ll see you all on the flipside!