I Love You This Big

My first post! Yah! And although I’m super excited to start on this adventure of blogging (aren’t I just so trendy?), the adventure is going to be a solo one for awhile. My husband just left for a seven month deployment so me, Evelyn, and Pendleton (our dog) are here on our own. But that was the reason I started this blog- to give my husband something to read while he’s away as well as to connect with other military spouses. I hope that through this blog I can reach out to others, help them in any way I can, and learn from their experiences as well.

We have done one other deployment (a MEU- he was on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific) but we didn’t have Evelyn and I went home to Virginia for the majority of it. So this one is very different. The baby will obviously keep me busy and I am lucky enough to have a great support system out here- a mommies group, other military wives, and my husband’s squadron. My family is awesome as well, and we’re lucky enough that we get to travel to see each other. I hope to go back East for a bit to help break up the deployment so we’ll see.

The farewell was especially hard this time, I think mostly because of Evelyn. It was so hard to see daddy say goodbye to his little girl. It broke my heart and I know he was hurting too. He cares about her and loves her so much and I know it was hard for him to pull himself away and get on that bus. He was one of the last to get on actually…it was terribly sad and heartwrenching to say goodbye but once I got in the car and started to drive home I had a funny feeling…relief.

I was relieved that the goodbyes were over. That the hard part was done. That we could start this deployment and get it over with. The past few days have been waiting. Anxiously waiting for the day to come where we won’t see each other or talk to each other each day. When we’d have to say, “I love you” for the last time in person. When we’d have to kiss and hug for the last time. So once that was over, I felt better because now the end is in sight and I can look forward to the day he will be in our arms again.

Here are some photos of our farewell. We miss you daddy, and we love you thiiiissss big!


3 thoughts on “I Love You This Big

  1. YAY! Another blog to read! You brought tears to my eyes with your words. I am totally going through that time of anxiously waiting right this minute. Like you, I think that I will breathe that sigh of relief once the “good-byes” are over and we get the deployment started.

  2. Great post! The reason I started to blog was because I loved to write, and I wanted to share with other wives while learning from them as well. And already in your first post I learned that even though goodbyes are hard, there can be some relief in them as well. That is encouraging to hear.

    Also, know that whenever you need help I am here!

    I look forward to reading more 🙂

  3. What a great idea Lauren! I’m excited to read your posts! Since my husband Seth will be leaving in a couple months it will be nice to hear what to expect. See you soon 🙂

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