Dinner for One

This week was a little hairy. If you’re following along with my weekly menu, you’ll notice that I didn’t quite go along with what I had planned. But that’s just fine; we have to go with the flow as a Marine family. Wednesday night we went to dinner with another couple, so no meatloaf (lucky for my husband). And then Thursday, I had originally asked some girlfriends to come over after we said our goodbyes to our husbands but we decided to go out instead (which, by the way, was a mistake…Evelyn was not happy that she had been in her carseat for practically two days so I didn’t get to eat dinner either Wednesday or Thursday. I walked her around the restaurants instead…joy of motherhood!).

So last night was my first real night by myself. I could have skipped out on making dinner and eaten leftovers from earlier this week but I didn’t. I was proud of myself. I decided I was going to make the spaghetti (partially so I could eat the brownies I had already made to go with it) and  I did it all while Evelyn played and talked and listened to some sweet toodler tunes on her playmate! All by myself, no husband to help and I still made dinner (and even ate it!) while Evelyn played. I’m still having some issues with portion size (I have a bunch of leftovers) but that will get better with time.

Here are some pictures of the process and product:


So, not the most creative or daring first “Meal for One” but I did it. All by myself. It was a big step up from my Cocoa Puff days during college. Go me!

What is your favorite meal to cook when you’re on your own? Leave a comment below (with a recipe if necessary!) and I will try to incorporate it into our weekly menus!

One thought on “Dinner for One

  1. Since Austin is away for a awhile, I came to your blog for dinner ideas because I remember seeing a post titled Dinner for One. I have also been having a really hard time with portion control. I have no idea what to get at the grocery store because I don’t know what to cook for just one! It’s so frustrating. The only thing I know how to cook well is pasta… It’s getting pathetic, and I’m getting fat!

    Your spaghetti looks amazing. Hopefully with time, we will get better at this. 🙂

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