A teacher affects eternity…

…he can never tell where his influence stops”- Henry Adams

Before I became a stay at home mom to my precious baby girl, I was a teacher. When I finished my graduate degree I moved out West with James and since then I have worked at 2 different preschools. My last school was a Christian-based preschool and I really loved it there. I was sad to leave but I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing, sweet, and inspiring women there.

I think that teaching is one of the few professions where one can build lasting relationships with your coworkers. I don’t know why this is but I’ve found it to be true at any school I’ve worked in or been a part of. Maybe its because you work so closely with those around you, opening up yourself so that you may better reach and teach your students. Maybe its because you share a love of children and with teaching, you inherently take on a motherly role to care for your students and in turn you build with relationships with the other “mothers.” Maybe its because as teachers you bring your work home with you (literally and figuratively) so then you also bring your home to work. Teachers have a tendency to open up to one another, tell their stories and their experiences. I don’t know why teachers become so close to one another. All I know is that for me, some of the best people I have come to know have been teachers.

Yesterday I went to visit my old school for the first time since Evelyn was born. I had been meaning to go but with Evelyn as a newborn (schools are filled with sick kids, of course!), the holidays, and James leaving, I had been putting it off. But I am so happy that I finally made it over there. Seeing all those wonderful women who watched me grow during the pregnancy, who saw Evelyn in ultrasound pictures, and mentored me in motherhood and in teaching were finally getting meet my baby girl. And they were genuinely happy. It was great to see all of their smiling faces and it was inspiring to know that I have such great friends even after all the time I’ve been away from them.

My coteacher was one of the women that I have drawn so much inspiration from. She is always a happy and cheerful girl, she was great with our kids, and she was always so helpful when I couldn’t move so well anymore. When we first started working together, I was already pregnant but I didn’t know. When I told everyone at school, my coteacher opened up to me and told me that she had some troubles getting pregnant. I felt so sad for her because I knew how happy I was carrying my little girl and I could tell how much she wanted the same. She is totally deserving of being a mother.

Every day I prayed for her. I prayed that she would finally feel what I was feeling as I carried Evelyn. That God would give her the strength to trust in Him even though it was difficult at times. When I finally saw her yesterday, I broke down in tears. She is pregnant! With twin girls! One of my other teachers had told me in December that she was expecting but once I saw her I was just overwhelmed with joy for her. It was just so reaffirming to see how great God is and how He can bless us so graciously. I am beyond happy for her and I continue to pray for a happy and healthy nine months. She is going to be a great mama.

Affirmations like these help me to draw strength in God when things are difficult during this deployment. Recently I’ve been having some hard days- dealing with communication, being sad, and the transition into our regular routine without daddy here.  And although it may be hard now, I must trust that God will provide for me and for my family. Its scary to know that my husband is in a war zone, and at times its hard to deal with the loneliness, the lack of communication, and the hardships of doing everything on my own. But God blesses those who trust in Him and just when I needed it, He reminded me of His power by giving me the opportunity to see my glowing and wonderfully pregnant friend.

Being a teacher has affected me in more ways than providing me with a paycheck. These women have become my friends. People I know I can trust and call on if I truly needed them, even if we haven’t spoken in awhile. All their experiences and stories, both classroom oriented or about life in general, have inspired me and will continue to inspire me. I just thank God for giving me the opportunity to know them. I miss you ladies!

2 thoughts on “A teacher affects eternity…

  1. When I had a full-time job I was also close to my co-workers. Some I still keep in contact with now and one I have become so close to, she is coming to visit next month! I think any job in general where you work closely with others tends to bond you in ways. You struggle together, succeed together, and grow together.

    I’m glad that you were able to visit and heard such happy news!

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