The Rule of 3’s

Military families have this saying- “After the spouse leaves for deployment, three major things will break or go wrong.” Well, we just had number 1. Its our car. Not the car that’s still under warranty, mind you. Yes, its an older BMW but my goodness is it a lot more expensive to repair. And sadly, its not something relatively easy that I could figure out on my own like the battery or it needing gas. Nope, its nothing I’ve ever experienced with a vehicle and I’m at a loss.

Of course when this happens my first reaction is to call my husband. The only problem is that- 1. he doesn’t have a phone, and 2. its the middle of the night. And I don’t think he would be too happy if I sent a Red Cross message (even though I was mildly freaking out). So I was on my own until he woke up and even then I knew I would only talk to him for a few minutes before he had to head to work.

This happened yesterday and we’re still not sure what is going on. James asked for photos and a video to see if its a quick fix I can do at home so that I don’t have to get it towed to a mechanic, who are notorious for ripping people off on base. And since I don’t know much about cars, I’m pretty susceptible to that.

When this happened I thought, “This car hates me.” It was a generous gift from my parents for whom it ran beautifully. They never had any issues with it. Within weeks of them giving it to us I had gotten a flat tire and the car started to do this weird bucking thing, which ended up being the spark plugs. Fast forward maybe two months later and I get another flat tire. Once my husband got home from his first deployment, we bought a new car and he drove the BMW to work. And he never, ever once had an issue with the car. Seriously, this car just doesn’t like me.

But as I calmed my nerves a little bit I realized that this is probably another one of God’s signs and tests. He is challenging me and allowing me the opportunity to become stronger. He is also testing my faith in my husband, who I was not too happy with when he asked me not to get it fixed immediately. And I know that I can past the test. God never gives us more than we can handle, as long as we trust in Him.  I just have to trust that no matter what, He will provide for us and I have to remember that in the end, there is a reason He is giving me this test.

And with this in mind, I am reassured that no matter what the next two things in my “rule of 3’s” is, I will be able to handle it with my husband and Him by my side.


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