Yea, so what I’m eating cookie dough drenched in chocolate syrup with a spoon?

Judge me. Go ahead, I’ll wait…


Done yet? Awesome, thanks.

This is what my Saturday night now consists of: cookie dough, chocolate syrup, cheap wine, and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Sweeeet.

But don’t worry, I’m a total multi-tasker: I’m also looking through the Victoria’s Secret catalog trying to figure out which bathing suit I’ll look best in by the time James comes home. As I stare at the chocolate syrup drenched cookie dough, a one-piece is calling my name.

Ah, heaven on a spoon. Ok but seriously, I need to get my butt into gear. How am I going to look like Alessandra Ambrosio by the time James gets home?

So here’s my plan: I’m going to workout. I know what you’re thinking: “SHUT THE FRONTDOOR.” Yep, I’m actually going to do it. For a few reasons: 1. I can’t starve myself because Evelyn needs to eat too, 2. I like food too much (see above), and 3. I want to actually be healthy (forget that you looked above).

My husband is great at working out. Even when he doesn’t want to he gets his butt up off the couch and goes. Meanwhile, I’m still on said couch creating an imprint with my butt and waving to him with my cookie-dough-chocolate-syrup spoon. What kind of image does that portray to my daughter? Not a very good one.

The great thing is that I have a wonderful group of people that will help me whip me into shape. For one, my mommy’s group meets to run every week. And I hate running. But there is something about knowing that you have people waiting on you (and watching you) that motivates you to work harder. I also have a neighbor, God bless her soul, that offered to come once a week to watch Evelyn so I could go to our gym and take a class (seriously, if I could pack this lady up when we move next I totally would. She takes down our garbage cans, she offers to watch my dog and my child, and SHE OFFERED TO MOW MY LAWN (that’s another story). And she has 3 kids of her own that she has to take care of. Amazing woman). Also, one of my other friends is interested in doing Mommy and Me Yoga.

In all honesty, this is going to be hard. I’d much rather nap than run, spin, and/or do yoga. But this is the best time for me to get into a good routine. I can adjust my days accordingly and figure out what works best for me, for Evelyn, and for our family when James gets home. It is motivating to have something to work towards (i.e., his homecoming).

I know more than once I’m going to have to call on God to give me the strength to keep going. I am going to need Him every step, cycle, and downward dog {pose} of the way. But I can do it, because I have Him, my friends, and my husband telling me that I can and I trust them.

So judges (I totally know you judged), I ask you to follow me on this journey towards no-more-cookie-dough-chocolate-syrup-spoon hood. Please feel free to leave your fatty comments below, or tell me what your greatest motivator is- maybe it will help motivate me and others, too!


6 thoughts on “Yea, so what I’m eating cookie dough drenched in chocolate syrup with a spoon?

  1. Lauren! Your posts are so great! Guess what a 10 month deployment did for me??? I lost a good 10 pounds that creeped up on me the last year or two. Hopefully they’ll stay off with Trevor home. 🙂 Hang in there!! You can do it!!

  2. Ha! I see your chocolate chip cookie dough, drenched in syrup, and raise you a spoon in a jar of caramel 🙂 Only, I have a bad habit of doing this when John is home.

    Sometimes you just gotta have those nights!!

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