Don’t know what a BFP is? Well, you should have been paying more attention to my post about my fellow bumpies.

It means Big Fat Positive. As in a positive pregnancy test. No, mom, I’m not pregnant, stop freaking out over there (yah for my mom reading my blog! She’s like one of two people!). But one year ago today we found out that we were pregnant!


Seriously. I could not imagine a better outcome than what that test showed us. I could never have dreamed of a more perfect gift. It was a great day. Here’s how it went down:

James had just gotten home from his first deployment in early December. We had tried to get pregnant before he left but it just didn’t happen (in retrospect, that was a blessing because he was able to be here for the entire pregnancy and I’m so glad that I was able to share those special moments with him). So anyways, when he got home we, um (mom, dad you might want to scroll down a bit), got busy…as most couples do after not seeing each other for seven months.

I became a fanatic about taking pregnancy tests. I should have bought stock in First Response. I think they made a fortune off of me. My periods had always been irregular and I hadn’t gotten one since November so I had NO clue if I was ovulating or not. So I pretty much took a test at least twice a week. And those puppies ain’t cheap.

The morning we found out, we woke up and I turned to James and said, “I think I’m just going to take a test.” Nothing felt different, I didn’t “feel” pregnant. I just figured I had to pee so why not just pee on a stick.

So there he was, sitting on the bed as I peed. On a stick. When I was done, I put it down on the counter face down and sat next to him, pretty much expecting the same result that I had with the 2313908532 tests I had taken before. I go over and check that it had absorbed properly and when I looked I just said, “Holy shit, I’m pregnant.” James looked at me and smiled but almost looked like he didn’t believe me so I shoved my pee filled stick in his face and go, “I’m pregnant! We’re going to have a baby!” And we hugged, I cried (I always cry), and excitement set in.

At first I didn’t know if we should tell people or keep it to ourselves for awhile. I asked James and he said, “Let’s just keep it between us for awhile.” And I looked at him and said, “I want to call my parents” (clearly he knows whose boss). So we did. I asked them to both get on the phone (like they didn’t know what was coming next) and told them the news. They were both so excited and my dad cried a little (I wonder where I get it from).

And now, one year later, here we are. I have a sweet, gorgeous 3.5 month old  baby girl and I couldn’t have imagined a better place to be in our lives. Its amazing and perfect.  I thank God every day for this wonderful gift He bestowed upon us. Its insane how fast a year flies by and I can only begin to wonder where we’ll be a year from now.

And oh yes, 2 days before we found out Evelyn was growing in my belly, her dadda broke his nose playing softball at a unit softball game. And by broke I mean internally SHATTERED. So this picture is for you, babe!


2 thoughts on “BFP-versery!

  1. Happy Day! Kiss that sweet girl and i can not wait to see her in person. Praying for you guys! BTW your mom is not the only one reading your blog. You are doing great! I remember you coming to stay with Lisa when she had her first sweetpea and now you are a fellow mom/military wife. Time flies. Lots of love!


    • I know, Jen Jen, its crazy! I just tried to see if I could find a picture of me and the first little one and I can’t find it. I hope I’ll be able to visit with you when I come out there! Give everyone a hug for me.

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