I might as well continue the sappy pants party

I’m not what you call a “hip” mom. I don’t know the latest trends in music. I try to follow general fashion trends but usually I end up buying what James calls “grandma sweaters” and the cheapest pair of jeans from Target that I can find. I don’t know any movies that are out right now and I don’t know the names of half the actors, singers, reality celebrities, etc I see on tv anymore. I’m in my new mom bubble right now, blind to the rest of the world except the wonderfulness of the world’s cutest baby (I’m not biased. She could totally win “America’s Next Top Baby Model”). 
Anyways, as I was driving to the hip mom store known as Target (pronounced Tar-jeh) I heard this song on the radio. AND I LOVED IT. It was beautiful and it took everything in me not to tear up. It makes me want to get married all over again just so James and I can dance to it. Then I realized I wasn’t one of the first to stumble upon this new gem. Its a song from the movie “Breaking Dawn” so I’m sure every teenage girl (scratch that, every girl, teenager, and young woman, and grandmother) has already heard it. Except me. The lady with the blinders.
I know I’m not the only military wife who hears a song on the radio and thinks of her husband who is so far away. And this isn’t the first time I’ve cried to a song because it makes me think of James. It won’t be the last I’m sure. Oftentimes you can find me in our room YouTube-ing the songs with the printed out lyrics and singing my little tone-deaf heart out, Kleenex in one hand and my microphone (aka hairbrush, cell phone, flashlight (if I could find the damn thing)…whatever is handy). So this song, “One Thousand Years” is just another one of the songs I can stick in my sappy pants party stash for when I’m feeling lonely.
Either way, its a great song and I can’t wait to dance with James to it when he gets home. In my wedding dress. Because that’s how I roll.

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