Its an Asian Invasion

Ok, no, its just a mom-invasion. And she’s not Asian. But I wanted it to rhyme and after having 2 nights where Evelyn has decided to wake up approximately 13948925 times, that’s as good as its going to get.

Anyways, my mom is coming. I can’t tell you how excited I am! We are super close. Like awkwardly close. People usually think its weird/they are jealous that we’re this close. She was my matron of honor at my wedding. Hint: She’s the one not wearing white. And yes, I am grabbing my husband’s butt in this picture. Bahahaha.

She’s pretty awesome, this mom of mine. I can only hope that Evelyn and I have as close a relationship as her and I have. We went to school together from 5th grade to 8th grade, since she was a teacher at my school. Then came high school and I turned into a brat for a few years (“But cheerleading is my life!”) but once college came we became closer and closer over time. And now she’s coming to visit me and my little one.

So here’s the plan  while mom is here (Mom, take notes. This is important):

I sleep. Nana plays with Evelyn.


No, I’m kidding. We will have lots of three generation fun like shopping, hosting a Valentine’s Party for the spouses of the deployed, taking Evelyn to the beach, etc, etc. Honestly, I’m just excited to have someone come be at the house with us for a little while. It can get pretty lonely with no one else to talk to after 7pm (or like tonight, after 9pm because someone ::eyes directed towards Evelyn’s room:: didn’t want to go to sleep).

I feel so blessed that even though I’m far away that my family takes the time and spends the dough to come and visit me. My mom’s a busy woman- she’s a principal at a school and that takes up all her days and many of her nights. But she’s taking the time out to come see me and to give me a little reprieve from my first month alone. Its so great and I am thankful that my parents care about us enough to do this for us. They are both really awesome.

So people, I probably won’t blog all weekend. Unless something epic happens like Evelyn rolls over or starts sleeping through the night again. BAH, wishful thinking…

Don’t cry, I’ll be back. Here’s a tissue.


4 thoughts on “Its an Asian Invasion

  1. Have a great visit with your mom. It was so nice meeting her at your wedding. She is a super person! I wish I had the means and time to be there, trust me I would be there in a heartbeat to help you out and see my granddaughter!

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