Oh Baby, Baby

Sing it, Britney.

Ok, enough of that. What this post is really about is MY baby. Baby Evelyn as the family likes to call her. Until there is another baby in the family, that is. :: achem, that’s right Chris, Keith, and respective wives…I’m talking to you. I better not be the next one to get pregnant. Two in a row just isn’t fair::

Evelyn hit some MAJOR milestones this week.

1. She pooped in the tub for the first time.

Sorry, no pictures people. I thought about it, especially to send one to James because I know how much he would hate to miss this awesome and exciting event in E’s life but since it was breastmilk poop it just kind of disintegrated into the vastness of the tub.

Evelyn decided that pooping in the tub would be the best way to mark Nana’s leaving. She thought it was crap. And she showed it. Literally. And she let mommy clean it up. Thanks, E.


Seriously, I have been waiting for this moment for like…4 months. Ah-mazing. I was so proud of her and she was proud of herself too. So here’s how it went down:

I put Evelyn down on her playmat for our morning playtime like I do every day. I went to go close the door to the backyard because Pendleton (our dog) had come inside and it was friggin’ cold and she failed to shut the door behind her (so inconsiderate). When I walked around the couch I see E on her side, swinging her legs over, and POP! she had rolled over! My eyes welled up with tears and I was just so dang excited for her. The look on her face was priceless too. She was so proud of herself.

My big girl is growing up so fast. Daddy and I keep telling her to stop but she’s not listening. I was able to capture her rolling over on video the next time she did it to show James (ok, so I’ve video-d (I don’t even know how to spell that) like 53429894 times but here is are a few good ones).

2 thoughts on “Oh Baby, Baby

  1. She is so precious! I still can’t believe you & James have a daughter –who is already strong enough to roll over on her own!

    This post & every other new parent tells me that parenthood is a very poopy adventure. Also, one new dad has told me that pink-eye is inevitable if you have a new-born. I’m kind of scared now. 😛

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