S*** people say

I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen the videos on YouTube but they are hilarious. There have been several parodies since the original “Sh*t People Say” from “Sh*t Girls Say,” “Sh*t People Say to Pregnant Women,” “Sh*t Guys Say,” etc. If you want to watch some of these awesome and oh-so-true videos, click here.

Now, as a military spouse you hear all sorts of crap thrown your way. Some of it is genuine and sincere, and we appreciate the kind words and sentiments. Some of it is sarcastic and belittling and if it wasn’t against the law to punch you in the face and our children weren’t watching, we would probably do it. But alas, we are refined and disciplined citizens (::enter sarcasm here::).

Even when people say things with the best intentions, it can get old really fast. You find yourself thinking, “Seriously? No, really…did you seriously just say that?” I found some great websites and videos that I’m sure our military family followers will really appreciate.

Sh*t Civilians Say to Veterens

What Not to Say to A Military Wife

Has anyone told you anything that makes you want to throat punch them? Leave some comments below!

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