Get me out of this funk!

As you may (or probably not unless you’re my mom or dad) have noticed, I haven’t been a cool, trendy blogger for the past week or so. E and I have been in a funk. She’s been sick, and her mom’s been sympathy sick. Until yesterday when I got real sick with something flu-like. Let me tell you, being sick with a sick baby and there is no daddy to help- not fun.

So, since we’ve been feeling crappy everything around us has turned into one big pile of poop. Which in this house is pretty literal. The house is a mess. I haven’t actually made dinner for myself in like….oh, forever (note that all the recipes and weekly menus have disappeared. I can’t keep up right now and I don’t want to post anything that is half-ass). I haven’t gotten dressed except into yoga pants, I don’t really shower,  and I haven’t done anything with my hair but put it up in a very messy bun (and not those like cute, good looking messy buns. Its more like the mom bun).

All in all, this is a pretty good representation of the past week:

That’s me. Except I’m not blonde. And I would never wear that sweatshirt.

So last night after writing a 10 page email to my husband about how I feel gross and how E isn’t pulling her weight around here (seriously, you can’t even put your diapers in the laundry? YOU peed in them. Sheesh.), I decided its time to get myself out of this funk. Here’s my plan:

1. Shower. Like actually shower. Even wash my hair.

2. Get dressed. This includes some makeup and actually doing something with my hair other than the mom bun.

3. Get E dressed. Apparently she still hasn’t mastered this skill on her own yet either. WTH.

4. Keep up with daily house-cleaning chores. Its been so easy to slack on vacuuming, laundry, cleaning the bathrooms, etc without James being here. Things don’t get dirty as easily but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be cleaned. And honestly, I feel 1000xs better when things are clean in my house. Thanks, Dad, for that trait.

5. Go to the store and buy FOOD. Seriously, this whole eating cereal 12 times a day can’t be good for me. I’ve pretty much become a vegetarian out of laziness. Not cool.

So far today I’ve done the first 2. Please, its only 9:30am, I’ve still got time today. And E is napping and when she wakes up we’re working on the self-dressing skills. Hey, I’m making progress right?

I know as a military wife and a mother, its easy to slip into these funks. Sometimes it seems as if there is no point to do anything because the spouse isn’t home anyways. But I think that makes the time drag by so much more slowly. I wasn’t feeling good about myself or my home, and that made me feel like this week has only crept by. Its seems silly, but doing those little things like actually getting dressed every day makes me feel so much better and in turn, I can be a better mom and wife. Many times we wives/spouses and mothers/fathers put ourselves second (or fifth) and that can take a toll over time (apparently for me, this toll only lasts a week. I’m a wuss). But now that I’ve shaken off my funk, I feel so much better!

I know the hard part is keeping up with it. But hey, if I can keep up with the Kardashians, I can keep up with anything (I love that show. Judge me.).


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