My Little Raptor

There is something James failed to tell me before we got married and started planning our family: he is part dinosaur and he’s related to Mariah Carey. How do I know this? Because apparently I gave birth to a Mariah-velociraptor-human baby (ok, so maybe the Mariah part comes from me because I am an ah-mazing singer. But the dinosaur part is all him). A mariahraptor if you will.

About a month or so ago E started doing these loud screeches. But they were tolerable and after a few days they stopped. But now they’ve come back with a vengeance (much like the velociraptors in Jurassic Park- another reason why I know she’s part dinosaur).

These…screams (? I don’t know what to call them) are amazingly loud. Like, make my ears ring and my head hurt loud. Sometimes she tries to go so high on her octave range that no sound comes out. I asked my friends on The Bump if they were going through the same thing and a few said yes. I asked what I could do to make it stop and you know what they told me? “Buy ear plugs.” Seriously?!

E isn’t upset when she makes these noises either. Nope, she is happy. Or pissed that she can’t reach her toy. But usually happy. When I tell her “No, Evelyn!” she laughs at me. She’s going to be an awesome teenager.

Much in the spirit of my previous career as a teacher, let’s do a little compare and contrast. But don’t worry, I’m the cool teacher- I’m going to let you watch videos. You’re welcome.

Mariah Carey


Mariahraptor (aka E)

I would post a video of me singing since it sounds so much like Mariah Carey (if not better), but I don’t think that’s far to all the American Idol contestants. I don’t want them to cancel the show after they see my amazing talent. That’s just not fair. I know, I’m so generous.

On a serious note though, I really had to stop and ask God for patience with her. Its hard to listen to those screeches even if they are happy noises. They really hurt!  And God answered my plea. We had a really great day today, screams and all, and I felt like I was overflowing with patience with her. I know that sometimes I just need to stop and thank Him for giving me a daughter that is healthy and happy, even though her expression of these things hurts her mama’s ears. I’m grateful for my Mariahraptor.

PS- Our new last name is the Flintstones. I find it very fitting. Til next time- yabba dabba doooo!

5 thoughts on “My Little Raptor

  1. LOL… I dont know which is worse your screeching mariahraptor or my biting destructasaurus!!! This totally made me laugh!!

    • Ahh, I can’t wait until E gets some teeth! Seriously, I think our kids talk to each other at night over their monitors and give each other hints about what they should be doing to drive us up a wall…

  2. All 3 of my dogs came charging in the room yesterday when I clicked on Evelyn’s video! I replayed it and … yup … howling! How does Pendleton do with it?

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