Its raining, its pouring…

We don’t have many rainy days like this where we live. Well, I guess we have a good number but I never really noticed sans baby. Before E James and I would hunker down, watch Bones all day, and eat junk food. We’d take naps in the middle of the day and I more than likely wouldn’t make dinner because I’d be too tired from doing nothing all day. But now we have E. And I’m alone. AND I’M BORED!

There isn’t much to do on a rainy day with a baby (a baby that doesn’t watch movies yet anyways). So I decided to come up with some things that I could do with E on days like today. Because, after all, I have close to half a year before my husband comes home and more than likely we will go through another rainy day.

  • Indoor play place: We have a few indoor play places here so if you have one around you, that could be something fun to do.
  • Create an indoor sandbox: Just get a large tub and fill it with sand and some toys. You can do the same with water too! It will be a mess but if you put a large plastic sheet or old bed sheet down, clean up is easier.
  • Take a trip to the aquarium: Super fun for kids to do, even when they’re young because they will love looking at all the bright colors and/or napping in the stroller. Check for military discounts or with your ITT office to see if they have special rates!
  • Go swimming: In the bath tub! Either with your baby or, if they are old enough, by themselves. Include bath toys and maybe some beach toys and have a pool party in the house!
  • Mommy and Me workouts: There are several DVDs you can order on Amazon in which you interact with your baby to complete the workout. This can be fun for baby and productive for you, and gives you something to do while you’re waiting for the next nap time.

If you have older kids, its probably easier to find things to do together like bake goodies, play with play-dough, play board games, etc. But babies are hard. They need our attention for most of the day and playing with the same damn toy that sings”Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” 87 times gets boring. For both of you.

Do you have any fun rainy day activities that you like to do with your little one? List them in the comments below and help us other moms get through these crappy days.

PS- Make sure you have a bottle of wine on hand for when the baby goes to sleep. Or Baileys or Kahula to put in your hot cocoa. Even if that means naptime. At noon. Whatever.

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