Whoahhhh, we’re halfway there…

Whoahhhh, living on a prayer.

To get the full effect of this awesomeness, picture me singing into my hairbrush with giant hair wrapped in a scrunchie on the side of my head and dressed in hot pink stirrup leggings and a lime green shirt. Oh, and don’t forget the jelly shoes. Its quite amazing. I told you, I’m like Mariah Carey only better. Again, I can’t show you a video of it because they would simply cancel any and all singing competition shows and I just don’t think that would be very Christian of me.

Annyyways, we have recently reached a huge milestone in our deployment- halfway point! This is such a huge accomplishment for any military family. You can finally say to yourself, “Hey, I already know I can do this. I just have to do it again.” Ok, so that doesn’t sound so positive. Maybe something more like, “I have been counting up, but now I can finally start to count down!” That sounds better.

I look back at the past few months and I try and think about all that has happened. It seems like it went by so fast. And you, my loyal and devoted reader (maybe readers?), have been here for all of it. So here is a recap of all the awesomeness and some not-so-awesomeness that we have gone through during the first half of this deployment:

  • E  learned to roll over!
  • I ate some cookie dough drenched in chocolate covered syrup, and commiserated and then planned out how I’m going to look like Alessandra (yes, we are now on a first name basis).
  • E learned how to scream. No exclamation point because it is NOT awesome.
  • My Poppy passed and I went through my first military funeral as a military wife.
  • James also lost his grandfather a few days within my grandfather’s passing. It broke his heart to be away from his family during this time as well.
  • Our car broke down (and is still broken…)
  • Evelyn learned to sit up on her own!
  • We took our first of many flights on our own.
  • Evelyn cut her first 2 teeth. Again, no exclamation point. Not fun this mama.
  • I became a contributing writer for HUN!
  • We became a crunchy family– cloth diapering and homemade cleaning products (yea, yea, I’ll get to the updates on that when I get to it. Take a chill pill, homeslice).
  • We went through quite a few Marine Corps and military losses that hit close to home.

We have experienced many emotions during these few months as well. Happiness as I see E grow and learn new things, and sadness when I realize that her daddy isn’t here to see it himself. Relief that it isn’t our family hearing that dreaded knock on the door, and immediate guilt for feeling this way. Confident that I can do this on my own, and angry that I have to. I’ve resented J being gone but then I turn around with an enormous amount of pride in being a military wife. It is a roller coaster ride but I finally feel like we only have a few more drops, corkscrews, and twists left until we finally come to a halt and the homecoming we’ve been dreaming about is finally here. I can’t freaking wait until that day.


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