Apparently I am a stirrer of pots.

I pissed some people off this week. And no, I’m not talking about my loyal readers since I have been gone for-like-ever. I’m talking about my other loyal readers. Of HUN.

So I wrote this article about how when I traveled on a certain airline (achem, American) last month I was AT FIRST p-o’d that they charged me $25 for my bag because I’m “not military, only [my] husband is.” Say what, crazy lady? I don’t think so! WE are active duty. I AM military. Some people didn’t quite agree with that statement.

Now, in said article, I first say how I’m pissed at American but then I have an enlightenment period if you will (this “period” lasted about from the time I made it through security until I found the nearest Starbucks). I realized that although I feel that military is a lifestyle, not just my husband’s job, that doesn’t mean I am entitled to special privileges. It doesn’t even mean that my husband is entitled to special privileges. He didn’t become a Marine for the 10% off his purchase at Old Navy. Those types of perks are great but I came to realize that there is no reason I should “expect” them. And if my husband gets some special deal for being active duty and I don’t, then so be it. At least that business is honoring the military in some way, right?

Anyways, I’m pretty sure half the people that read the article only read the first paragraph and then their panties bunched all up and they left some not so great comments below. But whatevs. It helped bring some traffic over to HUN and sparked a little bit of a debate. It also gave me the idea for my next article: WE are Military vs. S/HE is Military. Stay tuned.

If you would like to read my article on HUN, click the cute image of my adorable daughter on Memorial Day! We make some good babies. I’m not biased, its a FACT.


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