Hello? Is it me you’re looking for?

My husband would be so proud that I’m using an 80’s soft-rock ballad right now. Don’t tell anyone I told you, but he’s a sucker for Michael Bolton and Whitney Houston. In fact, I think I’m getting him this for Christmas:

So anyways, back to the important things in life: me. I have been MIA lately. Its just been a combo of traveling, trying to get back into our routine, laziness, and “Gossip Girl.” I freaking love that show. Maybe because its about someone just like me, a famous and awesome blogger. Or maybe its because its like a bad car accident- the acting is ATROCIOUS and the story lines are totally out there but I just can’t freaking look away. I’ve only seen Seasons 1 and 2 SO DON’T RUIN IT FOR ME or else. I know where you live…

Ok, but seriously, I’ve been busy. I joined a running group (whoop, whoop Stroller Warriors!) that runs twice a week. They are kicking my butt but I love it. I’ve also started to get on a sewing kick thanks to my friend that became my “Gossip Girl” dealer. So with mommy group, running, and general baby/house/dog care I’ve been busy. Life of a stay at home mom, what can I say. Its awesome. But I still feel like I have 29834098325 things to do before J gets home and I don’t know how I’m going to do it all

See, I’m in this weird limbo phase. We’re over halfway done with the deployment and I always think, “Wow! Only x more months/weeks!” But then reality hits and I think, “Wow! Still x more months/weeks! I think I’ll sit on the couch and eat cake instead of cleaning the closet out.” Its hard to explain but I feel like I should be getting stuff prepared but then again its not really quite close enough to prepare. Its close but far.

I also have been having slight panic nesting attacks. Its like the end of pregnancy all over again. I want to clean every inch of the freaking house and redecorate/reorganize/redo every room and closet. Here’s the thing: these panic attacks happen at like 9pm. During the day I’m in lala-land saying, “Oh lalalala. So much time. I’ll do it lalala later.” And then E is in bed, I’m picking up around the house and I think, “I really should clean out that closet. And wipe down those drawers. And clean out the fridge. AND I HAVE TO DO IT NOW.”

I think military wives go through nesting on both sides of deployment, though. I know I did it before J left and right after he left. And then somewhere in the middle we let things go. And then the end is looming and that nesting instinct kicks back in. And then they get home and mess up every room in the house with all their CRAP. Seriously, its like they are trying to leave a trail of bread crumbs/dirty socks, shorts, camis, and gear back to Afghanistan but its all contained in our clean houses.  Awesome, thanks.

However, I do have my to-do list ready. And its like a mile long. Right now I am just thankful that I am lucky enough to have my husband be on the out and out. I thank God for keeping him safe and for helping me get through this deployment. Its been such an experience and I’ve made some AWESOME friends along the way. But now its time for me to nest. Peace peeps.


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