Apparently E has been listening to JT because she’s been crying us a river…

Naps and bedtime used to be easy. Except for this past week. E is fighting sleep like its her job, and its driving her mother insane. Of course we’ve had these battle of wills before the same thing always crosses my mind: should I let her cry? Does she not feel good? If I hold her, just this one day, will it cause a pattern? IS SHE GOING TO HATE ME FOREVER BECAUSE I MADE HER TAKE A FREAKING NAP?!?!

We have tried anything we can think of- we let her cry, we extend her awake time, we try to wear her out as best we can. The thing is, I know she’s exhausted because she’s yawning, tugging her hair, rubbing her eyes, etc. And she falls asleep while I’m rocking her. But as soon as I make a motion to get up, she loses it. Yesterday at naptime she cried for over 30 minutes before I finally went in and got her. We waited another 45 minutes, with lunch in between, to try again. She finally went to sleep that time after another 30 minutes of crying. And then, last night, she cried for AN HOUR before she put herself to sleep. UGH.

Every.single.time I put her in her crib, she screams. Like I’m-laying-her-down-in-a-bed-of-lava type screams. She’s pissed. She eventually will stop screaming and just walk around her crib. Then I get pissed, because all I can think of while I stare at the monitor is, “TAKE A NAP CHILD, I WANT TO WATCH REAL HOUSEWIVES OF WHATEVER CITY IS ON RIGHT NOW.” So then I get frustrated so I take her out, we play or eat or do something to make her tired, and we try again. And she screams. She’s determined to give me another gray hair, I’m sure of it.

A week ago, I would have told you she’s a good sleeper. I would rock her for a minute or two, put her down and she would put herself to sleep no problem for naps and bedtime. But now, all of sudden, she’s a wreck. I have already Dr. Googled it and I have found a thousand different solutions from “you are a terrible mother for making your child cry it out” to “your child is manipulating you and she needs to learn.” So awesome, I have no idea what to do.

So I’m turing to you, my loyal (5) readers. Any suggestions? Here is some things about E that might help you help me. And if your suggestion works, I might pay you. Maybe. Probably not.

  • She isn’t teething- She has all her teeth except her 2-year molars. I think we’ve passed the teething stage for a bit.
  • She isn’t hungry- I feed her right before nap until she tells me “all done.”
  • She is about 15.5 months old.
  • She has met all her physical developmental milestones like walking.
  • She doesn’t have a fever or any other signs of being sick (she has a slight cold but this whole flipping her sh*t when going to sleep started before the cold came about).
  • She may or may not hate me. Debateable.

I guess I better go get her since she’s been screaming while I wrote this post. God’s of Starbucks, please save me.

2 thoughts on “Apparently E has been listening to JT because she’s been crying us a river…

  1. This is what worked for CJ.
    *Designate a blanket that is always used for sleeping that everytime she sees it she knows what it is for.
    *Create a routine. We tell CJ its time for bed give hugs and kisses. At around a year and a half CJ would say I don’t want hugs and kisses but stand firm and do it anyway.
    *The next one is a tough one. You won’t like it. I didn’t. Stop rocking her to sleep. She associates rocking with sleeping. Stop rocking, stop sleeping. I am not saying you have to go cold turkey, just be prepared to take a nap with her if you do. It was good”papa time” at our house. I wouldn’t do it more than once a week though.
    *Develop a routine for bedtime too. Bath, story, hugs and kisses.
    This will not be easy at first. It will take her time to adjust. You must remain strong. You must wait her out and let her cry. She expects you to cone in and save her cause thats what you have always done. Just remember if she is crying you know she is breathing. Do not worry if you think she hates you. She is too young to remember any of this. You will be thankful in the end. Kids like routines they excel with them. Good luck.

    • Actually, we already do all those things, minus the rocking to sleep! She has a blankie, she has a very firm routine and knows what comes next (bath, books, etc). The stopping rocking to sleep will be hard but since I wrote this post, she’s gotten alot better sleeping at night and going down for naps. We are back to rocking for just a minute and then her going down awake. Thanks for the advice though!

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