Weekly Meal Planning: January, Week 4

Back when I first started this awesome blog, my plan was to share our family’s weekly menu for other moms (or dads) to look at for meal ideas, or to even simply copy my awesome-ness and print out the grocery list/meal plan for the week. But then my husband left, I got lazy, and E and I started eating chicken, pasta, or black bean quesadillas every night. But now that J is home, I am in full meal planning mode. With that, I decided to go ahead and share my meal plans once again.

Most of these recipes can be found on my Pinterest page under the “Entrees” or “Sides” board. Click on the Pinterest button to the right to follow me. If I do use a recipe from Pinterest or another website, I will link it on the menu itself. I have also added the word document to the bottom of this post, and I will continue to do that each week. I use this as my grocery list so if you decide to use my meal plan or simply want to use my doccument as a guide to create your own list, you can open that up, save it to your computer, and print it.

A little note about my list/menu

My grocery list is categorized using the headers at the top. Its in order of how our commissary is laid out. If you decide to use my list as a guide, change the headers to fit your needs whether that be the layout of the store or simply categorizing things differently.

My meals go from Thursday to Thursday right now, but sometimes that changes when we miss a week because of traveling or something. Also, some of the stuff on the grocery list is not related to the menu itself but just stuff our family needs otherwise. Go ahead and judge, its cool.

Be sure to double check the recipes and the grocery lists for items you may need. I only put items *I* need to make my meals on the list, not every ingredient for each recipe. For example, if a recipe calls for minced garlic I won’t put that on the grocery list because I already have it. So don’t come knocking on my virtual door complaining that you didn’t get minced garlic because I didn’t put it on the list! You will get virtually door-slammed in the face.

Tip: I save my grocery lists for each week onto my hard-drive so that next year when I get to say, the fourth week of January, I can just open it up and have a list ready. I oftentimes will change things but it at least gives me a meal idea or two.


TA-DA! Our menu for this week:

ThursdayHomemade mac n cheese

Friday– “Chipotle Burrito Bowl” with corn on the cob and guacamole **marinate chicken Thursday night**

SaturdayPork chops with apple chutney, cheesy roasted potatoes, and green beans

Sunday- Chicken piccata with angelhair pasta

Monday- Baked garlic brown sugar chicken with roasted potatoes and peas

Tuesday- BBQ marinated chicken with whole roasted potatoes and carrots

Wednesday- Crockpot Thai chicken

Thursday- Lasagna with meatsauce (mixed veggies for Evelyn)

And here is the grocery list with the menu below for your shopping pleasure: January, Week 4

7 thoughts on “Weekly Meal Planning: January, Week 4

  1. I have actually seen your meal plans and thought that this was one organized woman, At first when I saw the video, I thought wow, she even did a walk through video of the commissary. Blonde moment. Very interesting and I wonder if I can challenge myself to take on this task. It would work great for planning meals around the boys practices and games. Thanks for sharing.

    • Funny enough, the NPO I write for wants me to do a vlog on my meal-planning and walk through the commissarry but I feel like kind of a crazy-cakes to do that. I mean, do I tape a camera to my head or something? I hope it helps you to feed those growing boys, though!

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