Oh Doctor, Doctor

We have had a WEEK, let me tell you. And lucky for you the water pressure in our house is totally gone and I can’t shower, so I’m going to tell you.

On Monday E had her 15-month vaccinations. She is TERRIFIED of the doctor- I mean screams as soon as we get into the room, jumps whenever anyone walk by the room, screams at the sight of that white coat and/or Navy camis type of terrified. So it’s always a fun visit. And this time was no different. The doctor checked her over and she was a-ok, so off to the vaccination clinic we went. A few little pokes later we were on our way home while she happily munched on a brownie because chocolate makes everything better. She might as well learn this early in life.

They give you like 239190583284 pieces of paper after your child gets vaccinated to tell you all the things you should be looking out for in case they get sick. She had a slight fever that night, but seemed ok. Then Tuesday (aka baby-pocalypse) happened.

The day was ok. She was fussy and her legs obviously hurt but I thought ibuprofen would cover it. Nope. By the time the evening rolled around she was so upset that she just wanted to sit with either J or I and watch Calliou (“growing up is not so tough, ‘cept when I’ve had enough”…WTH does that even mean?!). She didn’t eat dinner  and she ASKED to go night-night. I should have known to duck at that point because the baby poop was about to hit the fan.

The next day she felt awful. She cried when I even tried to look away from her, much less pee without her standing in front of me going, “dowwnnnnn meeee” which is her way of telling us to pick her up. We guessed her awesome behavior  was a reaction to the vaccines so I read all one million fact-sheets they had given us and Dr. Googled “adverse reactions to vaccines.” Do yourself a favor and DON’T do that. That sh*ts scary. Every other Google hit is about how this person or that person blames vaccines for autism and you think, “Well, gee, these people seem legit and wrote it on the INTERNET so it must be true.” And then you stay up half the night thinking, “Did she look me in the eye? Is she still using her words? I don’t think she said please that one time OH MY GOD.” Then I realize that all those studies have been invalidated and are not accepted by the medical or psychological community and I feel a *little* better. Just a little.

Did you take notes on all that? There will be a pop-quiz at the end.

The whole point of my post is this: Vaccines are the devil.

Ok, no I don’t really think vaccines are the devil. Maybe the devil’s son who wants to do good but just can’t get that evilness totally out of him. Afterall, they make our poor babies hurt and sometimes sick, but they are for a good reason. And  in doing some of my own research and watching E’s reaction after the vaccines, I think we may go to a delayed schedule with the next human we bring into this world. This way he/she only has maybe two shots per visit versus like, four, and things won’t hit so hard and so painfully. It’s a little too late with E now to do that because we only have a few more vaccines left but that’s what the first kid is for, right? A practice baby? No? Oh.

I have to admit, I used to think that people who went on the delayed schedule were silly. I would think, “Doctors wouldn’t give the vaccines at that time if they didn’t think they were necessary, blah, blah, blah.” But now, seeing how after 5 days she is still reeling from the pain, I think we might stick to just one or two shots at a time. Its just another one of those “I will nevers” that you take back after having a kid- you know, like “I will NEVER wear yoga pants to Target, unless I’ve just gone to yoga.” HA.

So that’s where we are and why it took me flipping forever to write a new post. That and our internet goes out anytime the monitor comes within ten feet of the computer. Hopefully I’ll be able to crank out something, anything on cloth diapering and some other crunchy-mama stuff as well as some, like, actual news stuff. Like news that’s not about me. Boring, I know, but I’m trying to grow here.

Don’t think you got away with it- POP QUIZ TIME!

Who is your favorite blogger (totally just wrote booger) of all time?

Answer: Kim Kardashian. BAM.


2 thoughts on “Oh Doctor, Doctor

  1. Sorry E is having a hard time!! I put Chloe on a delayed schedule. And so far it works out nicely. No reactions except tiredness the first day. I go back each week after to get her caught up. Granted I have to pay my co-pay each time, because it is my choice- but it is so worth it.

    I had asked her doctor who makes the wonderful vaccine schedule..her reply, “The pharmaceutical companies”. Not the doctors at all! So that was my answer right there.

    Good Luck!

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