So you want to run with the boys?

I’m about to get serrrrious with ya’ll, so get ready…

About a month ago, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta put out a press release stating that women will now be allowed in combat MOS’s (military occupational specialities). Sounds good, right? I mean, women can do most of the things guys can do (usually better…I’m just saying…) so why not? You’d think that in all my crunchiness/hippiness I would be all about this. Buutttt, I’m not.

Social media and news articles show that most Americans are in favor of allowing women in combat. I asked a few of my Facebook fans to tell me what they thought. Most people said that if a woman was held to the same standard as her male counterpart, then who are we to say that they can’t defend our country in the best way they see fit?

Ok, sure. There may be a *small* number of women who could actually complete the physical, mental, and training requirements for an individual MOS (each MOS is different and has different training requirements). And I only say a *small number* because let’s be honest- women are not built the same as men. Most are not as strong as men, their mental capabilities when put in torture situations are different than that of men (not bad, just different), and the training for combat MOS’s have been geared towards men.  I’m also confident that women, especially in the Marines since every Marine is a rifleman first, are capable of holding their own when it comes to weaponary and combat tactics.

I mean, Katy Perry can do it, right?


Physical strength and training completion is not my concern.  My concern isn’t a female’s ability to perform equal to or better than her male counterparts in combat. My concern comes down to the Selective Service.

One of my Facebook fans told me in a private message that, “If you don’t think men and women should fight in war… DON’T ENLIST! To be so arrogant that one thinks they can dictate another’s personal and professional choice based on their own beliefs blows my mind.” And heck, I agree. If you don’t want everything that the military comes with, don’t join. But what if that’s not up to you? What if your daughter or sister is asked, no, TOLD to grab a rifle?

According to legal analysts, allowing women in combat changes the requirements of the Selective Service, or the draft. Since 1974 our military has been all-volunteer. However, all males ages 18-25 must still register for the Selective Service in the event that our country needs more forces than available. In 1981, the Supreme Court passed a law that only males had to register for the draft because females were not considered combat ready. But now that they are, that law no longer stands.

S0 tell me: why should a few women who want to serve in combat dictate MY child’s future just because they want to run with the boys?

Despite my cloth diapering, homemade natural cleaners, amber teething necklaces, and other crunchy factors, I’m quite traditional. I believe that women and men were made different for a reason. Both physically and psychologically. Women are the nurturing gender. Men are the fighters and the protectors. It has been that way since, well, forever. It has been this way across cultures, across time, across ethnicities. Just think back in history. If, God forbid, this world strikes out in a third war, someone needs to stay behind and hold down the homefront. You seriously want to ask these MEN to send their wives, girlfriends, sisters, DAUGHTERS to fight in their stead, even if they are non-combat MOS’s? Given a man’s natural tendencies to protect his kin…good luck with that.

I know this can go both ways, too. If a man is not totally capable or willing to fight in combat than should he be forced? I don’t know. Like I said before, men are traditionally the fighters and the protectors. If the draft is enacted, the likelihood of choosing a male who is combat ready right out of the gate is more likely than choosing a woman who is combat ready (by choosing I mean the random, computerized drawing of numbers).

Like I said, I’m not saying no woman should have the right to fight in combat if she chooses and she’s able. I admire those women that are brave enough to stare that kind of danger in the face and kick some serious ass. Heck, I’ll even give them a pad of paper to take down the names of said kicked asses. But when I look at my beautiful, innocent, wonderful daughter and think about having to send her off to war when she’s not totally and completely willing, it breaks my heart.

So unless, and until, these lawmakers are able to find a way to keep women out of the Selective Service, I’m going to say no to putting women into combat.

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