Fit Foodie Mom

About a week or so ago I posted an article I wrote for HUN in which I featured three other milbloggers. One of those lovely and talented ladies was Darcy Peters of Fit Foodie Mom. Funny story is that Darcy actually knows J from when she was in TBS with him. That’s right, this chick was a kick-ass Marine. Now she is a mother of two super cute babes, a blogger, and a small business owner. She pretty much rules.

Darcy asked me to guest blog on her site so of course I said, “UH, HECK YEAH!” because she’s super popular and her site is super cool with lots of super awesome reads about staying fit and eating right all while being a mom.

To read my article on Fit Foodie Mom, click Darcy’s button below.

FitFoodieMom Logo square

To follow Fit Foodie Mom on Facebook, click below.

Thanks to Darcy for featuring me on Fit Foodie Mom! Yay!

If you are interested in guest blogging on Barefoot and Boots, click on the contact tab above!

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