I’m moving.

No, Mom, we didn’t get orders. Stop freaking out on me man.

I’m just moving this blog over to a new blog that I’m in the middle of developing. Its going to be like this but with more…stuff. I’m planning on calling it Mommy Needs a Shot. Catchy, right?

This new blog of mine will have all this awesome stuff like home DIY projects, recipes, baby crap, toddler screams, and preschool chaos. All with a little bit of funny and a hint of military life.

So, basically this is my way of saying I may not be around for awhile. But you should follow me on Facebook because I will be continuing to link other milbloggers as well as share some news from some of my favorite sites. Once my new blog/site is up and running I will jump over here, pack you all up in a box, and drop you like its hot on my new page.

I will be adding some ad space on the new site as well. I’m cheap like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman so contact me if you’re interested.

I’ll see you all on the flipside!



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