I have a troll in my uterus.

If you follow me on Facebook, you would already know that I had this awesome procedure done on Monday. It involved this wonderful instrument:

Photo: Just walked into my doctors office for my saline sonogram to see if there are any blockages in my uterus. Like little uterus trolls or something. I will have a post up this week to tell you all the joys. This should be awesome...
#infertility, #sis, #salinesono, #wheredoyouthinkyoureputtingthatSweet.

It was called a saline sonogram or SIS. Basically, what they do is stick that giant thing in me along with a catheter filled with water to fill up my uterus to see if there are any blockages (aka trolls) in my uterus preventing me from keeping my pregnancies.

The process itself wasn’t all that painful. When the doc inserted the catheter there was a little pinch, and then I could feel the water going into my belly so that was uncomfortable. And then there was all that probing. Ugh. But all in all, I wasn’t n so much pain that I wanted to kick the doctor in the face like the *few* times I got a brazilian wax. I’d take this over a brazilian any day.

The process took about 35 minutes but I couldn’t see the screen so I had no idea what was going on. Not that I would know anyways. And then they sent me in another room because “they had to confer with another doctor.” Because that’s what you want to hear when you’re at the doctor’s office and they took a million pictures of your insides.

The doctor finally comes in and says my uterus is a “good shape” and my ovaries are a “good size.” Cool. So what was the conference about? Well, apparently I have an unidentified structure/mass in my uterus and they aren’t sure what it is. Doc said that it should have prevented me from getting pregnant at ALL so he’s surprised I had the miscarriages in the first place. But now I have to go in for surgery in a couple weeks for them to remove it and biopsy it.

You know, because it might be cancer.

If you’re anything like my parents, you probably think I’m freaking the f out. But I’m not. I walked out of there surprisingly calm. On the one hand, I’m happy they found *something* that may have caused the miscarriages. And maybe if they take this troll out, I will have safe and successful pregnancies here on out. And there is no reason for me to freak about it being cancer for the next couple weeks, because that won’t help at all. I won’t know until they get the biopsy results back.

So we will do the surgery, called a hysteroscopy, where they will go in through my who-ha with a camera and check this ugly thing out and then remove it. Its outpatient surgery but I’m still using it as a good excuse for Starbucks and not to cook that night.

I will be keeping you posted as the surgery happens and what they find out. Hopefully this is our answer!

Oh, and J and I are running our first race together on Sunday- The Marine Corps Marathon 10k. Check out my Facebook page for some updates on the race and how J had to push me in a stroller on miles 4 through 6 (probably).



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