Military One Click: Tricks without the Treats- Clean Options for Halloween Candy

If you follow me on Facebook, you already know that I am now officially a guest blogger for Military One Click, a one-stop shop of military resources from deployment tips to career transfer advice. It is an amazing site for all things military-related from job opportunities to current events. I’m so excited to be a part of their guest blogging team in addition to my work with Homefront United Network.
Click here to check out my article with Military One Click this month. You find some “clean” options for trick-or-treaters that come to your door this year, so you aren’t passing out the latest version of Red Dye #72 to your neighbors. Like our kids need more help getting hyper.


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Army Wife Network: Beginning from the Middle

Guise, I’m like totally famous. On Saturday an article of mine went LIVE on an awesome site called Army Wife Network. If you haven’t heard of them you should totally go visit, and like them on Facebook of course.

Army Wife Network - Bartonville, Texas

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Homefront United: Atheism in the Military

Heyyyyy ya’ll.

My latest article with Homefront United is up. It is about atheism in the military, and whether non-God fearing chaplains should be allowed to serve our troops. Damn heathens (I kid, I kid).

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Atheism in the Military

Fit Foodie Mom

About a week or so ago I posted an article I wrote for HUN in which I featured three other milbloggers. One of those lovely and talented ladies was Darcy Peters of Fit Foodie Mom. Funny story is that Darcy actually knows J from when she was in TBS with him. That’s right, this chick was a kick-ass Marine. Now she is a mother of two super cute babes, a blogger, and a small business owner. She pretty much rules.

Darcy asked me to guest blog on her site so of course I said, “UH, HECK YEAH!” because she’s super popular and her site is super cool with lots of super awesome reads about staying fit and eating right all while being a mom.

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Guest Blog Spot: Career Transition in the Military

Guise, I’m like super popular apparently. Because someone actually emailed ME and asked if they could guest blog on MY blog. What?! That’s insane. And totally flattering *hair flip*

I’m super excited to have my first guest blog spot. Emma Banks is a “civilian,” aka not a military spouse or dependent, but she has a special place in her heart for service members, especially those looking for work after service. If you are interested in guest blogging, check out my contact page or shoot me a quick email.

Now, drum roll please……………………..dun dun na DUN!


Tips for a Successful Post-Military Job Search

Regardless of how much time you have spent in the military, a transition into the private sector will come with some challenges. Often times, the myths and rumors military personnel have heard about finding non-military employment can cause unnecessary anxiety that only makes the transition more difficult. It might help to take a look at some common myths and learn the truth about what awaits you.

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Myth: The types of jobs available to you as a military veteran are limited and difficult to find.

Truth: Within the military, there are hundreds of different job descriptions, pay grades and skill sets. This is the same in the private sector job market. Programs such as 100,000 Jobs Mission can help you throughout this transition. 100,000 Jobs Mission, composed of dozens of today’s top companies, provides a list of open positions available for veterans as well as information about many of today’s best areas of employment.

Myth: Employers simply don’t care about job seekers.

Truth: Actually, finding the right talent to fill open positions is vitally important to the health and future of any company. Today’s employers understand the importance of attracting top talent, and many of them have taken steps to do so. Job seekers can now use electronic mobile recruiting platforms, like JIBE, to upload resumes and other pertinent documents directly to companies that are hiring. Additionally, many companies now offer perks such as work-from-home options in order to attract quality workers.

Myth: Because you took orders in the military, you shouldn’t try to start your own business.

Truth: If you have the drive and want to start a business, go for it! Military personnel gain a unique set of skills during their time in service, all of which can be extremely useful if you choose to start your own company. If you’re looking for a bit of guidance and support, the U.S. Small Business Administration launched a program that can help you achieve your dream of entrepreneurship.

Myth: A good education and positive work experience will guarantee you a job.

Truth: You certainly shouldn’t minimize the importance of a quality education and relevant work experience either on your resume or in an interview, but those two things alone won’t get you a job. Most employers make their final hiring decisions based on less tangible qualities such as personality and their assessment of how you will fit into the company’s business culture. Don’t get lazy. Be sure to put your best foot forward when job searching even if you have all the right ingredients on your resume.

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