Things I learned from my siblings in the past week

Anyone who knows me in “real life” knows that I have two older siblings. But they are *much* older. Like 6 and 8 years older. So pretty much I’m still young and they are just old. I kid, I kid.

As a kid it was more obvious that my siblings were older. By the time I was in middle school, both were in college. I didn’t really have to share my things or a room, so sibling rivalry wasn’t an issue. And now, as adults and all of us being married with children (ha! I used to love that show!), we don’t even notice our age difference. At least I don’t- but maybe they actually look at me and think, “She”ll learn one day…”

However, after this past week I can say that my eyes were opened to a whole new world of organized chaos. I recently spent a week with my brother and his family, and I was paying very close attention as to what its like to have more than one person crying and hanging on your arm at all times. I guess it’s because J and I have had so many issues with fertility lately that I was looking at their little family and thinking, “Could I really handle this all? E and another baby, plus J, the house, and everything that goes with those responsibilities?” It was like God was giving me a peek into what life might be like one day…He’s all, “I tried to warn you and you aren’t listening, so here’s how sh*ts going to go down.”

After a week, I still can’t answer that question for sure. I’ve taken care of several kids on my own on a regular basis, but I could always give them back at the end of the day. I’ve had a newborn, but not with another kid around. I don’t know if one is ever ready for adding another person to your count but in watching my SIL, who is also a milspouse, I found that we are the toughest breed and a few (or lots) of tears, fighting, and everyone needing to eat RIGHT NOW won’t phase us.

Despite my own insecurities about being able to “handle it all” if we are ever blessed with a sibling for E, I did learn a few very interesting things in my visit with them though. Some kid related, some not…:

1. More kids CAN actually be easier- In total there were four kids in the house. And even though it was crazy, I found that the short times I had all 4 it really wasn’t that bad. The older ones played together, the oldest could help me with the baby, and babies actually sleep alot. Bt, I am realistic in that I was only with them for a few hours by myself, they were good to play together because they don’t see each other that often, and I didn’t have to worry about cooking or cleaning. Hence my insecurities.

2. I learned how to use a Diva Cup- I had heard of this…interesting…device and mentioned it to my SIL. We didn’t know how one might use this thing, so she YouTubed it. Go ahead, take a look if you dare.

3. Circumcision is an art- Apparently some people like to tell their doctors how much to “trim” when their little boys are born. Like its a freaking haircut. “Oh doctor, I’d like it shorter on the sides but leave a little extra on the top.” WTH. (For the record, this is just something my SIL mentioned to me, not that they did this!)

4. Always have food- Snacks cure all. For everyone- adults and kids alike.

5. Put your kids to work- Make sure they keep up with their responsibilities, and that they pitch in with chores. Around toddler age, they can throw away diapers, get their own things, put away their toys…it’s just one less thing for you to do. Even if you just have one kid right now, teach them these things early so they are already used to it when another one comes along! That’s why you had kids right? Free labor.

6. E is going to be a great big sister- She wanted to help with the baby in everything we did with him (sometimes a little forcefully, but she had good intentions). She loved on him, snuggles him, and her internal maternal instincts were apparent. She’s going to be an awesome big sister. I hope we can give that to her.

I really enjoyed my time with my brother and his family, and I know E did too. She learned so much from her cousins, she loved snuggling with the baby, and we had a great time. Family is so important to us and I’m grateful to my family and to God for giving me a sneak peek into what life *might* be like one day.


Hanes, stop showing me vaginas. Also, a revamp.

I don’t know if the commercial is THAT popular because the only commercials I ever see are for cleaning products and in between Dora episodes, but during J and mine’s “date weekend” I saw it like 15 times.

Take a looksie:

Seriously, all I could think about is, “Wow, they are getting really close to those girl’s vaginas.” And also, “How do they keep their bikini lines so smooth?” I really didn’t need to see all that in between Varsity Blues and Real Housewives of Orange County.

On another entirely different note, I’m revamping this bloggity-blog. Since I have started my home-based business, which is a homeschool preschool, I will be focusing on some of the activities we are doing here at “school.” I will be posting my ideas, lesson plans, and the healthy snack I will be making here for the kids.

I will still be talking about all things military related though. And fertility stuff. Or lack of fertility. And I’ll still be funny. Hopefully.

Here are some of the other things we will be talking about in the near future:

  • Every Friday and Monday I will be sharing the fan pages of some of my other favorite military bloggers. Check them out and “like” them on Facebook. If I like them, that means they are pretty cool. Obvi.
  • I have some feature articles coming up from other sites on current military issues. So stay tuned for those.
  • I will be adding some space for advertising as well as redoing the look of my blog. So if you’re interested in advertising (I’m cheap like Lindsey Lohan), contact me!

Sorry this is so short and jumbled but we’ve got alot going on lately and I feel like I barely have 10 minutes to sit down and write a comprehensive thought.

Anyways, stick around and tell your friends to come check me out. We have fun here.

My Favorite Things: Online Home Shopping (besides Target)

Let’s take a break from all this depressing baby/my uterus is broken stuff and talk about something fun. Like shopping.

I know what you’re thinking: there are other stores out there besides Target? The answer is YES, and you can shop at them in your underwear (or no underwear, whatevs, but keep that to yourself).  No, I don’t mean you can walk into these stores in your latest Vicky’s purchase. You can, however, sit in front of your computer in said purchase because all these stores I’m going to tell you about are ONLINE.

I talk about this like online shopping is this innovative thought I just conjured up in this wonderful brain of mine. I’m aware that its been around for a long time. But I have always been a person that likes to walk into a store and browse/just get out of the house for five minutes because my offspring makes me want to throw a dart at someone’s face. Now that we live in the middle of boondock southern-land, stores are far and shopping takes like, all day. Its exhausting and then my dart throwing-inducing toddler doesn’t nap and, oh heck no, that’s not gonna fly.

So in the midst of trying to get new stuff for our new home, I have done ALOT of online shopping. We have made some huge purchases for things I never thought I’d purchase online. And for the most part, everything has turned out amazing and just like it was shown online. No crazy surprises minus the fact that some of this stuff is such a  pain in the ass to put together that you wonder how anyone anywhere hasn’t figured out how to ship sh*t in less pieces. Despite all that, something amazing happens every time we click “complete order”: WE get paid (more on that later though!). Take a look below at some of the awesome things we’ve bought so far from our favorite online retailers.


Dining table and chairs purchased at


China cabinet purchased from


Headboard purchased from

**We also purchased all our office furniture from, but its a mess so you’ll have to wait to see that!**

As you can see, we’ve made some pretty big purchases online and honestly, we got some great deals. But we do so carefully- J and I have a method when we shop online. We usually browse our favorite home shopping sites (see below), find something we love, and then plug the name of that product into Google. A few things come from that Google search: 1. We can see if any other site is offering the same product at a lower price/better deal (like free shipping) and 2. We can look at the reviews for the product. Now, the second thing is HUGE. When you are buying products for your home online (heck, even in the store) whether its a hand mixer or a new dining set, you want to make sure it works and that it is made well. Otherwise, well, you’re screwed, because returning stuff that you bought online is a major pain. So be sure to review the product before you purchase it so you make sure its really what you want. AND check dimensions so that you’re sure it will fit in the space you have!

Also, if you haven’t purchased from a certain site before or its not well known (i.e., you haven’t seen commercials or heard friends talk about it) then do a quick Google search for reviews. This can really help you to decide that the  OMGCHEAP price on that coffee table is not worth the hassle of what others experienced purchasing from them. And FYI, if you have a Google account they do this awesome thing called Google Trusted Stores. Basically, certain stores that meets Google’s criteria for being reliable will have this special stamp on them. When you make your purchase from that site, you will have the option of adding Google Purchase Protection. There is no fee to add this protection and Google will insure that the item you ordered up to $1,000. Click here to read more about Google Trusted Stores and their Purchase Protection.

Now, over the past three months that we’ve been setting up our new home we have found some sites that we just absolutely loved over others for home stuff. Here is a rundown of our top three.

  1. Amazon- Amazon is pretty obvious. Free super saver shipping on select items, pretty decent prices, and wonderful customer service. One of the great things about Amazon is that it is kind of like Google. You can put in the name of the product you’re looking for (like Kitchenaid Stand Mixer) and if Amazon doesn’t carry it directly they will give you the name of the site you can purchase it from (you still purchase it through Amazon, but at least you can see the other sites that may carry the product and the differences in price/shipping).
  2. Homeclick- We came across when searching for our china cabinet. We found one we loved but the prices were in all different places for different sites. Homeclick offered the best price with free shipping. Since I had never heard of the site I Googled it for reviews, and I found both positives and negatives. In the end, it was a Google Trusted Store so we went with them. Their customer service isn’t great but we got our product in perfect condition and we are really happy with it.
  3. Wayfair- Wayfair is another home stuff site but it is by FAR my favorite. It has so many wonderful things, their prices are very comparable, most things are free shipping, and they do a rewards system so you earn money back with every purchase (roughly 3%). From all the purchases we made online through we made over $100 back that we used towards other purchases with them. Their customer service is awesome, too. We ordered our dining set from there and although we had some issues with the items not fitting together properly, they sent us out new products for FREE- no questions asked. We were able to get direct lines to the person we were dealing with both via phone and email, so we didn’t have to explain our story to 50 different people everytime we called. We really like Wayfair!

Now, I’m going to tell you our best kept secret, but one we hope you’ll share. For purchase we make we go through a site called Ebates is this awesome site that gives you a percentage back from qualifying stores for every purchase you make online. When I say they give you a percentage back from your purchase, I mean that they literally cut you a check and send it to your house once every few months. We have gotten almost $200 back IN CASH from them. Homeclick, Wayfair, Target, Wal-Mart, and thousands of other stores participate with Ebates.


Click here to get signed up and started with!

So here’s what you do: Anytime you want to make an online purchase, go to and search for the store you’re buying from. It will drop down with that store and tell you the percentage back they are offering at that time (it changes from time to time- Christmas is usually the highest!). Then you click on the name of the store and it will direct you to that site. Make your purchase and voila! That’s it. Within a few days you will see the purchase on your Ebates account and if you don’t, just give them a call with the record of your purchase and they will add it on for you. In a few months they will email you to tell you they are sending your check and that’s it! Cash in hand!

To sum it up, we really loved online shopping. I didn’t have to drag both my kids (E and J) out to go shopping, I didn’t have to load everything into the car and then into the house, and I was able to shop in my underwear. Winning.

If you have any questions about any of the sites or purchases mentioned above, feel free to comment below or email me.