July: Week 1

Ahhhhh, how are we already in JULY?! This is crazy. The year is just flying by!

I switched some things around for this week’s menu since it is the 4th of July, which is one of our favorite holidays in this house. I am super excited about what I’m bringing to our neighborhood potluck party, especially the cupcakes! I’m a little nervous about making them though because I have never done anything like it. I will give post tips and pics in a few days, which will probably look alot like those “Pinterest Fail” pics you see floating around.

There also isn’t a meal for Saturday because we went to the Brad Paisley/Chris Young/Lee Brice concert!  It was a great concert. We especially loved Lee Brice and Chris Young. A new band, The Hennigson’s, also played a few songs early in the show and they were awesome as well!


Yay for date nights!

Are you planning on making anything special of 4th of July? Post your menu/recipes below! We love to share and who knows, maybe I’ll try making one of your dishes next week!

Meal Plan/Menu

Thursday- Fourth of July Block Party- Loaded baked potato salad   and Fouth of July Hi-Hat cupcakes– I stole the idea for the patriotic cupcakes from Pinterest, but the recipe will tell you how to make the basic ones. For the more festive ones, I used white cake mix and added blue and red sprinkles. Then for the “hi hats” I used red melted chocolate instead of regular chocolate, and added the sprinkles on top. 

Friday– BBQ chicken pizza (tilapia with sweet potato for E)

Saturday– Brad Paisley concert!

Sunday- Summer pasta with chicken and garlic bread- This is simply pasta (your choice- I used penne because its easy for E to eat) mixed with olive oil, chopped grape tomatoes, and fresh basil. Super simple and really healthy)

Monday- Blackened chicken with avocado cream sauce and quinoa/rice

Tuesday- Teriyaki beef with white cheddar mac n cheese and peas- This recipe calls for chicken and that’s how I’ve always made it, but we needed a little red meat this week so I tried it with beef (I used thin cut sirloins). It was pretty good but the chicken is better.

Wednesday- Chicken ranch burgers with sweet potato fries and corn

Thursday- Coconut chicken with apricot sauce, rice, and mixed vegetables- This dish was sooooo good. I recommend making sure you have the full 40 minutes to cook the chicken even though the chicken may be fully cooked faster, because it will help to toast the coconut perfectly. I have to say my favorite part was the apricot sauce- it will be my go-to sauce for dipping!

Please click here to view the editable/printable grocery list for this week!


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