September: Week 2

This past week was pretty normal, except that J and I had a date weekend which involved one meal out and a lot of drinking. I bet you’re thinking we went to some romantic place and snuggled on the same side of the booth. Nope, we went to Fridays, total opposite sides of the booth. We did splurge though- we both got steaks.

As we looked around the bar area of Fridays (which we say in to make sure we got Happy Hour prices), we realized we were like the guys from Hall Pass- totally rocking it with the “older” crowd at a restaurant bar. Oh how things have changed…

You know what else has changed? My ability to deal with a hangover. Yea, I totally passed OUT by 9:30pm and I was a horrid mess the whole next day.

Annyyyways, remember to check out my main meal planning page for a blank grocery list template to help you plan your trip to the grocery store!

Happy eating!

Menu/Meal Plan

Thursday- White chicken chili with cornbread muffins (freezer)

Friday- Date weekend- out to dinner!

Saturday- Steaks on the grill with fries (for J), sweet potato (for me), and squash and zucchini- Grilled zucchini and squash was soooooo good! I just brushed it with a little butter before J stuck them on the grill. Yum!

Sunday- Cheesy sausage and pasta– This was ok, not great. It didn’t look like the picture at all and it wasn’t very cheesy.

Monday- Chicken quesadillas with rice and corn

Tuesday- Meatloaf with potatoes and mixed veggies

Wednesday- Herbed girlled chicken with creamy broccoli orzo rice

Thursday- Balsamic pork roast with roasted potatoes and peas


Please leave a comment below if you would like any recipes not listed or to share menus/meal plans of your own!


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