September: Week 1

So this week has been nuts because I have been trying to get stuff done for both going back to school AND starting my day school here at home. Things are progressing but slowly. Also, this week I have my first RE appointment and it is legit far away, so that’s putting a cramp in my style.

On a brighter note, J and I are having a “date weekend” during this long labor day weekend. We are sending E up with my parents (thanks Nana and Gramps) and literally just hanging out at home. We thought about going somewhere but we are such homebodies that it didn’t really seem worth it. So we are stickin’ it out at the casa, just the two of us. Lots of movies, lots of vegging out with snack food, and lots of other stuff that you can just use your little imagination to deduce.

Last week had a few good meals and some ok ones, but one meal really stuck out at me- the crockpot whole chicken. My Pinterest wasn’t working the day I prepped this meal, so I got this one from a website that I love called 100 Days of Real Food. The chicken was *ok.* It wasn’t flavored amazingly, but it was a super quick meal to get ready and it left J with tons of leftovers while I was gone to my appointment super far away.

However, the best part of cooking, especially with a toddler, is their wonderful tastebuds. E eats anything and everything but I always thought there would be some things that she wouldn’t like. Onions are NOT one of those things.

Onion Eating Baby

Total raw onion. Gross, E. Just.Gross.

Oh, children. They will always surprise you!

Remember to check out my main meal planning page for a blank grocery list template to help you plan your trip to the grocery store!

Happy eating!

Menu/Meal Plan

Thursday- Baked chicken and cheese taquitos with Spanish rice and fresh guac

Friday- BBQ chicken pizza (tilapia with leftover veggies for E)

Saturday- Chicken in basil cream sauce with garlic bread and green beans- I had a bunch of fresh, organic tomatoes from my mom so I used those instead of pimentos. I also only browned the chicken (subbed evoo for the butter) and then baked it in the oven until cooked through, about 10 minutes, at 375. It seriously tasted like Macaroni’s Grill Pasta MIlano! I may just make the sauce and use it on pasta in the future!

Sunday- Spaghetti with meat sauce

Monday- Mandarin chicken with coconut rice and edamame

Tuesday- White chicken chili (in freezer) with cornbread biscuits

Wednesday- Crockpot whole chicken with roasted potatoes and broccoli

Thursday- Dinner at parents house


Please leave a comment below if you would like any recipes not listed or to share menus/meal plans of your own!


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