I’ve been Boo’d

Not the kind of boo that Miley Cyrus would receive at a Republican National Committee meeting. More like a ghost-type boo.

The other night J and I were enjoying our nightly tv of New Girl, Modern Family, and Bones when all of a sudden our doorbell rang. You bet your ass I was as pissed as a witch in the rain. Who the fluck was ringing our doorbell at 9pm during the week? Our 2 year-old jet lagged daughter had just fallen asleep. J and I ran to that door faster than if our house was on fire. I was about to lay someone OUT.

But all that was at the door was this bucket:

And then I felt like an a-hole for being mad in the first place.

We were so confused by what this was. I didn’t get it. There was a bucket with candy and some other stuff, but I didn’t know why we were given it or what we were supposed to do with it. After reading the enclosed paper (I’m seriously like a guy when it comes to directions…I never read them and if I do, I never read them through first) I figured out that it was a chain game in the neighborhood.

If you’ve never heard of this game, its called “You’ve been Boo’d.” Basically what happens is that someone in your neighborhood decides to make a Boo basket filled with treats. They drop it off at your house at night (ding and ditch style), and then you are instructed to make two baskets and drop them off at other neighbor’s houses. You are given a little sign that says “I’ve been boo’d” on your door so others know you already got a basket.

I thought this was a great idea. It seems so cute and a great way to get our little neighborhood of under 30 houses to come together as a community, especially with all the HOA crap we’ve been dealing with/fighting about for the past couple of months.

You are supposed to get the basket done in one day but since we live 20-30 minutes from the closest store, I decided to go with what I had. Here is what I included in our boo basket:

If I had more time I would have added more homemade stuff and maybe some seasonal beer. But they put me in a crunch with the time limit. Suckers.

I thought this was a fun game, and I can see it being used for other holidays too or in the workplace. Have you ever done a Boo basket before? What did you include?

I’m working hard on my new blog so hopefully that will be up with the new year. I know, it seems far away but its really not. This next weekend we have a beer festival, a bridal shower, and our first race. Then we have a Halloween party and the Ball. I’m busy people, SO LAY OFF.

Kidding. Please stay with me.