Cupcake Addiction

Ok, so here is my resume so far for Celebrity Rehab:

I think they’ll take me. I’m going to ask to room with Tara Reid and sit next to Charlie Sheen during group sessions. Hopefully I can go to one of the classy ones in LA that has a spa and a pool overlooking the ocean and I can drink cleansing tea all day long. HA.

No, but seriously. I friggin’ love cupcakes. They are a new fad in the baking industry, taking over wedding cakes and traditional pies. There are so many combinations and flavors. Forget regular chocolate and vanilla. I’m talking peanut butter and chocolate, strawberry and chocolate, chocolate cheesecake (see addiction to chocolate above).

And lucky for me, I have a friend who MAKES cupcakes for a LIVING. All different kinds. She has awesome names for them too, like “Elvis,” “Tropical Paradise,” and “Hug Me Now, Kiss Me Later.” They are amazing and she is really very talented. She started all of this baking sort of on a whim and turned it into an in-home business. So cool.

Alex (that’s her name), is also a Marine wife. We actually met in a strange sort of way- on The Bump (yea, its like for mommies). She wrote a post about how her daughter needs a DOCband and that our insurance, Tricare, doesn’t cover any of it. In case you don’t know what a DOCband is, its a custom-fitted helmet for kids that have cranial deformities such as plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly. And these helmets are expensive- they run from $3,500 to over $5,000. So this poor family, living on the single income of a enlisted military salary, has to pay for this helmet for their daughter out of pocket.

When Alex posted about this, the outpour of help and support was amazing. People were offering to set up a Paypal account and donate money but, understandably, Alex denied not wanting to take from people she didn’t know. She mentioned that she was thinking of doing a fundraiser using the cupcakes from her business. Someone asked her where she lived- that they would buy cupcakes from her. Low and behold, we are stationed at the same base! So I messaged her and told her I have an upcoming Valentine’s Party for the spouses with deployed husbands in my husband’s unit and that I wanted to order some cupcakes from her, and that I wanted the proceeds to go towards her daughter’s helmet.

It is amazing how many people are willing to support us military families. It is such a blessing to know that people we have never met will help us in a time of need. I feel connected to Alex because of our husband’s mutual duties but I never expected others to be so willing to help. God is so amazing in this way, and it just another sign of His love for us.I pray that Alex is able to raise enough funds for the helmet and that God provides for her and her family.

Now Alex is running a nation-wide fundraiser for her daughter’s DOCband. People can order cupcakes and she will overnight them, or you can donate money and she will donate cupcakes to a local Marine family. If you are interested in helping Alex and her family, please visit her website by clicking on the icon below.

If you’d like to learn more about DOCbands, please click here.


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